Need A Resume Template? Take One Of These Celebrity Resumes If You Dare

What does it take to get a job these days?

Looking for a job, any job? Then be prepared to write a lot of CV’s, different ones at that. You want a job, they want a CV. Of course, they’ve seen thousands of them. Probably as many last week only. After a while, CV’s start resembling one another, and then your dear readers get bored and many CV’s, probably yours too, end up in a trash bin, computer or physical one, it doesn’t matter. So how do you make yourself stand out of the crowd, how do you catch the eye of that discerning “human resources person”.

Quite simple, use as a template a CV of one of the celebrities

It can be even a fictional one! You can be assured that your CV will stand out from the crowd, but will it get you the job?

Well, that is a tricky one, but you may search for the answer in a tale of an English speaking guy who got a job in Paris without practically speaking any French. Since he was single, he could not get any dates. But then, with a few words of French he learned, he would go to the perfume department of any large department store in Paris where beautiful girls worked. He would ask each one the same question “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir” (Will you sleep with me tonight?). On each of those occasions, after he would receive eight or nine slaps on the face he would get one ecstatic: OUI! Response.

So here are some celebrity approaches you may take to preparing your resume. If you dare, of course

Try first “Everything but a kitchen sink” approach of J-Z

Take a look at J-Z’s CV:

Basically, is there anything this man can’t do, or didn’t buy, or didn’t invest in? The only question you need to answer if you were in a position like J-Z is, why would you need a CV anyway?

It is not what I can do for you, but what these guys can do for me

Maybe you prefer the Ricky Gervais, or what you can call a “total minimalism” approach:

Just put up a list of things you’re good at or do, list the agents that represent you or do the stuff for you and present their CV’s, after all they’re supposed to be great at what they do!

Tell them your whole life story

But do it the Woody Allen way. Take a look at Woody’s resume from 1965:

Woody spills it all out, but in best Woody style. Go for it, but be sure that you got that Woody touch in you, or your CV, will expressly end up in the bin.

Drown them in information approach

So they want to know EVERYTHING you did? Well then, tell them absolutely everything! That is what Hugh Laurie did with his resume, or just maybe he did too many things in his life. By the time they reach through one third of a list of accomplishments like Hugh’s (or yours), they will either fall asleep or be so in awe they will give up and let you have the job.

Live celebrity not good enough? Try this one then

So you tried practically everything and still no results. Maybe then you should go for the Cinderella approach:

After all, it is a professional resume writing service that is recommending this approach, or, maybe, they are simply just recommending their services.

Anyway, be bold to become beautiful, you may even end up being a soap opera star, it definitely pays well…

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