Top 5 Free Resume Builder App

If there’s one thing that any adult needs in order to survive the modern world, it’s a resume. A concise description of all of which you are capable, designed with the intent to make you as employable as possible. Gone are the days when employers would take a chance on you; if you want to get a job, your interviewer has to know upfront that you are the right person for the job. With that in mind, here is a list of the top five websites that will help you build your resume, all ready and equipped to make the man want to hire you, over everyone else.

1. Resume Companion

The best of the free services, Resume Companion provides you with various templates, and professionally written bullet points to add to your resume, which can be arranged in various formats. That this service is free is a huge plus for anyone who may be on an understandably tight budget, however the lack of expert advice does cost in terms of the quality of the finished resumes, with a few users complaining about results that were less then they hoped for.

It is a good option to explore, if you feel that your resume could use some work, but aren’t ready to spend the money on a paid service.

2. Pongo Resume

Top 5 Free Resume Builder App

Pongo Resume offers a very professional service, with both a resume builder, and resume writing services. The service can be accessed for free, though there are some paid aspects available, and delivery of your completed resume is said to come within seventy-two hours, of submission.

What most impressed me about this service is that they guarantee that, should you use their services, you will get at least one interview within ninety days of receiving your new resume, or your money back.


A completely free service, offers use of an automated resume builder, including cover letter, that is easy to use, and provides fast results. Three out of four people who have used the site like it, which is not bad, but as far as feedback goes, it does put it below the first two entries.

4. Super Resume

An extremely user friendly service, Super Resume helps you to create a simple, professional resume, allowing you to look at a preview of the completed document, at any stage during its creation. The drawback is that the site, despite how it is advertised, is not actually free; if you were hoping to print or download your resume, after all the time you put into it, you may be disappointed to find that you must first pay $2.50 for the privilege.

5. Uptowork

This service has both a free, and a paid service. Whichever you choose, you will get access to the site for thirty days, and will then, if you are on the free service, the one relevant to this review, be able to choose from four ready-made templates, into which you can then enter your information.

The downside to this service, and the reason it’s at the bottom of the list, is because it caters only to the European job market. You can use it in the US, if you wish, but because its templates include a profile photo, it would not be a good choice on your part. This is because US companies cannot hire somebody based on physical attributes, and to protect themselves, prefer to only consider resumes of people who’s physical appearance is unknown to them.

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