4 Advantages Of A Footmuff

Let’s start by explaining what a footmuff is. It is an accessory for strollers and car seats. Sometimes one comes in combination with a stroller or car seat but in many occasions it is sold separately in baby stores / nursery stores. For example BuyBuyBaby or BabyRus. It is a type of cover that is used to protect a baby from cold weather as well as rainy days. Footmuffs are a great accessory to add to mom life due to babies grow so fast! Children grow out of their clothes so quickly that snowsuits, jackets and such may not last but one season. Footmuffs are made to be large and roomy. It’s not easy to put a child in a car seat with puffy clothing on either. Having a footmuff makes it quicker and easier to get your child moved from car seat to stroller and get bundled up and warm. There are different footmuffs for different stages of children from newborn and up and some deluxe makes grow with children and can last up to preschool. Some strollers have their own custom fit footmuff for a better quality of comfort for the child as well. Making the best of things as a mom, footmuffs may also to be used like an extra pocket. When the child is small, small toys or an extra blanket could be stored in the bottom of the footmuff. Having a footmuff is a good idea in general. Here are some other advantages to owning one.

4 Advantages Of A Footmuff

1.Various styles of footmuffs

Footmuffs come in various styles and makes. Some are lighter than others while some are of a heavier material. There is one type of footmuff that has numerous layers and the top layer can be detached by unzipping it to better accommodate a child on a warmer day though it still may be cool.

2.A blanket that stays

Children that are wrapped with blankets often kick them off or they hang and can get caught under the wheel of a stroller. The design of a footmuff is like a cocoon, so there is no hanging or loose material and it keeps a baby snuggled up no matter how much they may kick and squirm. There are different materials and thicknesses used to be able to keep each individual child happy and comfortable.

3.Similar to raincovers

A footmuff that is waterproof is ideal for cold and rainy weather. A footmuff is beneficial they act like raincovers providing protection from wetness. It also acts as a windbreaker. Usually a waterproof footmuff is made of a soft nylon fabric and so it is easier to clean. This means you don’t have to add any other accessories during the cold months so less to carry and children stay warm and dry.

4.Child Safety

Footmuffs are designed to attach to the harness of a stroller. Most strollers have a five point harness so it is ideal to find a footmuff that also attaches to five points considering there are some that only attach at three. A footmuff is roomy so the child will not be constricted. If a child becomes too warm or needs to get out it is as simple as unzipping a zipper.

Most children and nursery stores sell footmuffs and they are also available at these stores online. There are many different brands, makes and prices of footmuffs. So there is a footmuff out there for everyone!

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