6 Issues Students Encounter While Pursuing Higher Education

There are a number of problems faced by students while in pursuit of their higher education. On top of rigorous coursework, there are aspects of cost, accessibility, institution credibility and so on so forth. We bring you a list of such problems and their probable solutions (where possible).

6 Issues Students Encounter While Pursuing Higher Education


Cost is ranked number 1 when it comes to problems being faced by students. It is often said that there is a direct correlation between higher cost and quality education. This may be true but not always. A good education can very well be earned at a decent as well.

The rise in tuition fees is due to no tax incentives being granted to higher education institutes. Usually, public colleges and universities have witnessed the increase in cost, according to one survey, because 75% of student in the US are enrolled therein.

Higher Education Policies

Although this may not affect students directly but unfavorable policies adds to students problems. Buy assignment from Assignment Writing experts online. As mentioned above, as there are no tax incentives, the institutions are covering their cost by charging students extra.

It was reported that under Obama administration, Higher Education Act was revisited and Congress tested newer policies in this respect. Amidst all this, it was the accreditation reform that caught everyone’s eye and the issue remained debated among policymakers.

Workforce Improvement

There is a dearth of skilled workforce in America and the question arises whether or not higher education is playing its part in preparing the skilled workforce for the future. Employers who are seeking to hire quality workforce experience difficulties in finding a suitable fit.

Although the dialogue as to the purpose of higher education rages on, the efforts to facilitate employee degree completion still resides on the sidelines as a result of which business and industry sectors are not flourishing the way they should’ve.

CBE (Competency Based Education)

CBE is a new form of education that has been making waves everywhere. Many schools are trying to adopt this method of learning but very few understand as to what it entails. CBE is a system comprising instructions, assessment and grading criteria, in addition to academic reporting.

This gauges whether or not students are capable of applying what they have acquired as part of their education. So the problem lies in the fact that which grad school claiming to be CBE should they opt for. Would they be labeled too mainstream if they don’t? Or is CBE better than the traditional form of education?

Education Is Not the Primary Concern for Universities

Universities have become a business. They are no longer the labs they used to be where students went in to learn a thing or two. Now they are a just money making mills. They are only concerned with the selling of lifestyle, prestige, and status of their businesses.

The solution to this can be in terms of constant touch; students with their teachers and you can minus the management. It is doable, how? Through digital marketplace. Both parties can find each other online. Students can discuss the questions they may be having and can get responses online.

4-Year Degree Are a Nuisance

The 4-year degree is a pre-requisite to enroll in universities. They say it is meant to widen the horizons of students in the subject other than their majors to develop a knowledge base in a diverse set of subjects. On the face of it, the intent is noble but you cannot substitute for the time and expense it incurs.

To this, it is suggested that general education requirements should be termed as optional courses and that’s how they should be. There is no point teaching advance financial management courses to a student who has his eyes set on marketing and advertising domain.

By this practice, credit hours will be greatly curtailed and so would be the subsequent cost. Virtual classrooms should be encouraged after the ‘time wasting’ general requirements are eliminated. They should be a norm because in the 21st century more and more businesses are conducted virtually. High time we inculcate these habits in our students as well.

Such are the problems faced by students in higher education but with concerted efforts, they can be resolved and also in light of the suggested solutions.

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