All You Need To Know About Dekton Aura

Dekton surfaces are made with an advanced and revolutionary process that uses the highest technology called TPS. It implements a series of technological actions responsible for accelerating the metamorphic process occurring in nature to create marble and granite. This creation phase takes a millennium where the natural stone is exposed to extreme heat and pressure.

Thanks to the technology, it’s possible to create a new generation of surfaces. The manufacturing process uses a massive ultra-compact technique which moulds gaunt plaques from small to large sizes.

All You Need To Know About Dekton Aura

Dekton is a refined blend of the polished raw materials used to produce glass, porcelain and quartz surfaces which constitute the mineral make up of these plaques.

Dekton Aura

Dekton UK provides a vast array of options for this range of products. It also brings one of the popular surfaces in the Dekton London and worldwide market, called Dekton Aura which offers design professionals and enthusiasts alike, the exclusivity of owning the most fantastic product ever created, while the beauty of nature prevails in all aspects which compose this great material.

It’s a flawless syphilization of the highest properties that originated the products which revolutionised the concept of a surface in the market. Aura contains stunning veins drawn all over the slabs with a fine white background. Its features bring the famous Italian Marble Calacatta and Carrara naturally.

When compared to natural stone, Dekton Aura considerably surpasses it, both in terms of resistance and quality. It’s practical and low-maintenance. None of the cleaning substances can cause damage to the surface because it is 100% stain-resistant.

In general, Dekton is rated as the most resistant surface in existence in terms of scratches, extreme hot and cold temperatures in the market. With its non-porous and hygienic properties, it protects your space from any type of bacteria that may be present in kitchens and bathrooms which makes it ideal for worktops, vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, walls, flooring, etc., including areas that have high traffic and also other type of applications such as external cladding, patios, steps and terraces.

It’s the perfect buy if you are looking for a long lasting product. Dekton Aura has high colour stability and a timeless finishing endurance.

Dekton is the material of the future indeed. Each application brings a touch of elegance in a pleasant texture. The beauty is extravagant and also can be used as the focal point for modern and traditional decorations and many other architectural designs of the most varied styles.

Versatility is one of the many benefits of this incredible product, suitable for all internal and external spaces. It comes in various colours with brilliance and the most natural features. Utterly aesthetic, the tones are available in light, grey, cream, wood and several other finishes, patterns and shades.

The resemblance to quartz is incredible, while the softness of the opportunity and the art of veins continue to deliver lightness, simplicity and sophistication.

The source of nature may not be eternal, but now you have the possibility of having a differentiated and enduring product at home or workplace. Prices may vary depending on the size of your construction.

You can find Dekton Aura, and more at MKW Surfaces which has the latest options of Dekton available in polished, matte and textured finishing. They offer the best selection according to your specific lifestyle and needs.

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