Enjoy Delicious Recipes During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you will come across with different healthy recipes which change your tongue taste. Women should move for vegetarian diet, which will contain important nutrients in proper amount that you need at the time of pregnancy. During this period, your body also requires protein, which is only possible by taking a balanced diet. Two important nutrients are important for a woman includes iron and calcium, which are best for the body.

Enjoy Delicious Recipes During Pregnancy

You just need to plan a little, and a proper vegetarian diet can go on to provide you with all the nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. Your body requires a little bit of protein during this stage and a vegetarian diet is the best bet in this situation. Iron and calcium are the most important nutrients in this regard.

 Some Healthy pregnancy recipes

 There are couples of pregnancy recipes for women, which will give them energy during this period. It will include:

Vegetable salad and sprouts- vegetable salad and sprouts are the important source of energy for women during pregnancy.  Women should go for chana dal along with moong dal sprouts which should be consumed along with vegetables.

Spinach It is the best source of iron. It will give more effects when it is prepared with dal.

Vegetable soup this is also best as vegetable soup is rich in protein along with fibre, vitamin and iron which will prove more fruitful for the body.

Kamal kakri this is also known by the name as crispy lotus stem which is rich in fibres and contains good amounts of vitamin A, C and Iron.

Parantha of dal and vegetables– wheat flour along with chana dal is also rich in protein and parantha of this will make tasty meal.  Apart from that vegetable parantha will also prove good for the body

Coconut and soya curry this will also prove best for the body as it contains protein along with fibre and phosphorous which is best for the body.

Saag of mooli Saag of mooli is also best for the body where its leaves are a great source of folic acid along with copper and calcium potassium.  Its leaves can also be stuffed in wheat flour and can consume like parantha.

Dal dalia Dal Dalia is also good for the body as Dalia is rich in fibre along with vitamins and magnesium. Dalia can be prepared with dal by putting important vegetables in dal. Apart from that women should consume daily with milk which will act as the best meal for breakfast which increases strength in the body during pregnancy time.

Poha of aloo matar Poha of aloo matar is also fruitful for women as poha is an excellent source of iron which is best for the body during pregnancy time.

Dal, vegetables and fruits these three things are important for the body during pregnancy as it will give equal amount of protein along with iron and fibres to the body which is required in this particular period. Apart from that women should go for light meal rather going for heavy and fried meal which will create problem in digestion part.

 It is always recommended that they should move for healthy diet rather than going for unhealthy like fast food or snacks. Thus, you will come across with different recipes for pregnancy which will prove healthy for your body.

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