How To Decor A Home That Speaks For You

Everyone wants to make their living space beautiful and functional. But, décor mistakes are something unavoidable that most homeowners tend to make unless they are experienced interior designers. However, there are some tried-and-true rules that will help you create a home you want and make it ready for any décor situation.

Never hesitate to implement your style:

Self-doubt and poor planning are the culprits that often mislead people to a poorly decorated home. Be confident about your choices and bring them into the interiors of the home. Lack of confidence often leads to such a mess of decoration that does not say anything either about you or any particular trend.

How To Decor A Home That Speaks For You

So, the first thing is to find your style and decorate at least on a room in the house according to it. If you find your comfort zone in a beach theme, give your home a clearly defined style by channeling coastal chic with a simple color palette such as white, blue, and coral. Especially, white and blue are a safe bet for injecting beach-style aesthetic into a place. Complement them with a few marine-themed accessories, and you will find a happening bedroom or living space!

Think about the walls:

Wainscoting panels design can be the best option to articulate your love for classic architectural fixtures. Wainscoting ends midway up the wall in most rooms. You can bring a twist into that approach by taking the boards close to the ceiling. It will create the illusion of height and make the room look bigger than its actual size. On the other hand, installing the panels in a horizontal manner instead of the usual vertical orientation will lend the illusion of width.

How To Decor A Home That Speaks For You

A chalkboard wall could also be a great medium to channel your personal brand and taste. Use it for various purposes – writing your favorite song lyrics, inspiring quotes, jotting down the weekly lists, drawing doodles, etc. Apply chalk pens for keeping away dust and colorful chalk paints if the black-and-white combination seems too boring. It can also be your personal photo booth or the place to hang the strand of lights and festive garlands.

Be thoughtful about the artwork:

Most people choose artwork based on how it looks on an empty wall or if it matches the décor and color palette of the rest of the room. Never do it! Art is personal and if you want a home that reflects your spirit, choose artwork that displays your personal taste.

How To Decor A Home That Speaks For You

For example, if you love to live in a coastal atmosphere, bring a bunch of ocean-themed paintings to create a maritime ambiance. Choosing them in something that you love will lift your spirit and give you a reason to pause and enjoy. Don’t bother about finding museum-worthy wall hangings. Just quality photographs and prints will be enough to lift up your private den.

Play with patterns:

Intricate patterns may be a good option for making a statement, but they can also disrupt the visual balance of a room. However, if you can choose one with unique lines and colors that speak your personal style, it will be easy for you to decorate the rest of the place.

How To Decor A Home That Speaks For You

Big, bold patterns bring energy and vitality to a space. If you find such wallpaper, make it the benchmark for the room’s décor, drawing color inspirations and other things. Even if you plan to use wallpaper to cover large areas, such a symmetrical visual arrangement will create a balanced feel and help all the elements to sit together harmoniously.

While expert advice definitely helps in determining a distinct style for your home, you also have to apply your common sense. If you are the fan of a particular trend or approach, try to incorporate those color schemes, furnishings, and décor styles that follow that genre.

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