How To Get Mice Out Of Your Kitchen

Mice are an unwelcome intruder to anyone’s home, especially when they choose to overtake the kitchen. Sharing a kitchen with these rodents also means coming into contact with their germs and potential diseases. Mice also have the habit of biting into wires about the house, which can cause serious electric damage. With that said, how can you stop these rodents from causing so much damage to your home and family? Here are some things you should know about mice, and how you can prevent them from overtaking your home.

Mice have the same needs that we do as humans. Unfortunately this means that your home is the ideal breeding ground for their families, especially since your home provides them with safety from the usual dangers they find outdoors. Mice can squeeze their bodies through tiny holes in walls, windows, floorboards, tiles, and slates. Trying to find the gaps they may get into would be nearly impossible, especially if you live in an older home. However, more than likely mice will use your air vents and drainpipes to gain entrance. Setting up simple blockades in these areas is an easy way to prevent their entrance.

One of the most effective ways of getting rid of mice is setting traditional mouse traps. There are also more humane traps available that will prevent you from having to pick up dead mice if this is not something you can stomach doing. Your goal should be to set the traps in the areas that show evidence of their activity, such as food crumbs leftover, nibbled fabrics, and frayed wires. Be sure to pay attention to the directions from the manufacturer. It should also be your goal to find where they are nesting, and to set traps at the entry and exit ways of that spot.

In the mean time, do not neglect to clean all areas of the house that you think mice may have been. Remember, these rodents carry many diseases. Vacuum any droppings that you find, disinfect all floors and surfaces, and throw away any food you believed they may have tampered with.

Once you are able to get the mice away from your home, there are some things you can do to prevent them from re-entering. For instance, all food should be sealed and stored in refrigerators, or at least in air tight containers. Make sure all trash bins are sealed as well, since this is where all leftover rotting food will go.

If you feel that you cannot figure this out on your own, call a pest control Ireland professional to help you eradicate your rodent issue. Having a professional come into your home can be the most reasonable way monetarily to solve the issue, since buying all the traps and blockades around your home may not be 100% effective at first. A professional can set your mind at ease that the issue is truly taken care of, and that the problem will not return. Mice multiply relatively quickly, and can nest themselves into all corners of the house. If you are in any way unsure about how large the rodent infestation is, try these tactics initially to get them away from your food storages, and then get pest control involved.

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