Hygienic Wall Cladding – Benefits To Your Bathroom

Whilst modern households are generally aware of the need to be conservative with funds, many are still prone to revamping their properties every so often. This is where hygienic wall cladding comes in: The modern, sophisticated and stylish way of refreshing your tired bathroom.

Hygienic wall cladding is excellent for your bathroom for a multitude of reasons, too many to explore in one blog post. However, we’re going to cover the most important benefits of hygienic wall cladding to your bathroom so that you can decide whether it’s the option for you instead of the traditional tile route often taken by households.


It would be daft if we stated that hygienic wall cladding wasn’t hygienic but we’re going to tell you a little bit more about why it’s much more hygienic than other options.

One of the reasons that the hygienic wall cladding is much better than options such as tiles is the fact that there’s no grout when it comes to cladding. Bacteria gathers in grout lines in no time at all, so you constantly have to be cleaning it to avoid bacteria gathering and even then, it’s hard to stop it. With cladding, there’s no room for the bacteria to gather. This results in your bathroom becoming a much safer place for you and your family. If you don’t clean tiles on a daily basis, bacteria will be gathering already. At least with wall cladding, if you forget it isn’t too major.

Hygienic Wall Cladding - Benefits To Your Bathroom

Easy installation

If you’ve ever tried applying tiles to your bathroom walls, you’ll know what a nightmare it is. Painstakingly applying each tile, making sure they’re straight and in place, it’s easy to get bored or worse, make a mistake that means you have to start over.

Even if you’re a beginner, installing wall cladding is extremely easy. With no experience prior to your first time installing cladding or tiles, it’s very easy to pick up the skill. This takes away the need of hiring a professional as many people have to do when they’re having tiles installed in their bathrooms.

Hygienic wall cladding is also quick to install. When compared to tiles, you can install cladding significantly faster.

No indents (like grout lines)

The main difference between cladding and tiles is that there’s no idents, such as grout lines, on many types of the hygienic wall cladding. This is beneficial for multiple reasons.

By not having any indents, it stops bacteria, dust, dirt and other disgusting things gathering and making your walls look exceptionally dirty. With cladding, your walls always look much cleaner regardless of how much you clean them.

Undeniably, grout can look fantastic when it’s clean and untarnished. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take very long at all for grout to end up looking bad. This makes your walls look bad. Another bad point is that once grout is made dirty, it’s very hard to get it clean again. That’s why cladding is a much better option.

With hygienic cladding, your bathroom retains its fresh and clean appearance for longer.

Easy to Clean

Again, tiles look amazing when they’re spotless – and it’s hard to get them spotless.

Tiles are difficult to keep looking fantastic. So much so that some people just stop attempting to clean up their tiles that look like they’ve seen better days. With grout easily picking up dirt and bacteria in general, this can go from a bit of a repulsive mess to a health risk within mere days.

With hygienic wall cladding, you’re not going to have this issue. Cladding is truly easy for you to clean: all you have to do is give it a wipe down as often as possible. This will keep it looking as fresh as it did when it was first installed.

This article was written by Rebecca Fearn with helpful information from Cladding Depot. Rebecca is a Yorkshire lass who is currently embracing clean eating and working hard for the future.

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