Rick Casper Diamond Guide – Where Are Diamonds Originally Found?

Everyone knows the value of a diamond. It is said to be the best friend of a woman and most jewelers love using the stone for its sheer brilliance, cuts and shine. You will find that many online and local jewelry shops sell diamonds however the question does come into your mind that how are diamonds formed or found?

Rick Casper is a student of gemology at GIA in California and he says that he is often asked this question by individuals. He says that when you are buying diamonds, it is very important for you to focus on the basic facts of the stone. This will make you choose the right one for your needs. The Rick Casper Diamond buying tip is that before you make your final purchase, it is very important for you to know about the worth and the value of the stone. Even though you have the same budget as another person, you might not like the same diamond. Therefore, it is best for you to be your own judge and opt for a diamond that you know about.

Rick Casper Diamond Guide - Where Are Diamonds Originally Found?

How are diamonds formed or found?

When it comes to diamonds, he says that most diamonds are formed when there is extreme heat and pressure on carbon atoms. They crystallize and they form diamonds. Most of them are about 90 miles deep inside the surface of the Earth. They rise up to the surface of the Earth through placer and volcanic pipes that are alluvial deposits. One of the most common diamonds that is found is the Kimberlite Rock that is blue in color and mostly found in ancient volcanic pipes. You will find that when Volcanoes erupt, you will find diamonds deposited on the ground. The climatic factors of snow and rain unearth these diamonds from Kimberlite sources and so diamonds are mostly found in volcanic regions where there are natural elements like glaciers, rivers, streams, erosion and of course volcanic activity.

Understanding the 4 C’s of diamonds before buying

He says that the price and the value of the diamond is determined by its 4 C’s- color, cut, carat and color. These Rick Casper Diamond buying tips are useful for people that are looking for the perfect stone for their wedding or engagement rings. He says that when it comes to buying stones for rings, always check their grades. You can get the diamond evaluated by a skilled gemologist or buy the stone from a reliable source.

He says the cut and the shape of the diamond will determine its value and price. Therefore, ensure that you have the right education and knowledge. These Rick Casper Diamond buying tips will ensure that you get the best diamonds for your engagement and wedding needs. You should take time and research when you are buying diamonds. Talk to experts and ensure that you are not buying gems from unreliable sources. Check the diamond for grades before you make your choice- a good gemologist or shopkeeper will help you choose the perfect one for your needs with success!

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