Auto accidents generally involve automobiles colliding on to other automobiles or other parties such as pedestrians, animals, stationary objects such as buildings, roadside posts, and other obstacles.

The aftermath of such accidents include property damage, injuries and at times could cause deaths. Here are 10 tips from legal experts that can help you safeguard yourself and help you prep for a claim.

1. Do not leave the accident scene

It is advisable that one does not leave the accident scene since if there are other parties involved, he/she may be at risk of being charged for being a hit and run driver.

2.Check on other passengers

It is important to check on other passengers or possible pedestrians who may have been involved in the crash. Medical attention should be availed to those who require it. One should then call the police to inform them about the accident.

3. Wait for the police to arrive

On the arrival of the police, a police report should be filled and one should remember to get the name and the badge numbers of the officers. One should assess the property damage. Where the property damage seems above the given minimum value by the state, one should then file a report.

4.Secure right information

> Names

> Driver’s license numbers

> Insurance information

> Car registration plate numbers of the parties involved should be acquired.

5. Give correct information

Fort Lauderdale Auto Accident Attorney advice one not to admit fault at the scene of the accident while taking down the statements or while talking to the other parties involved.
This could be dangerous as one could be admitting to legal liability for the accident. This could be seen as admitting to guilt.

6.Contact insurer

One should contact his insurance agency to inform them about the accident. This is very important as the insurance agency may fail to provide compensation for the damages if not reported on time. It is also necessary to ask one’s insurance agency about the benefits that are available for him under their policy.

One may already have been covered in possible scenarios such as damage repairs, medical bills among others depending on the policy. These may be utilized as one awaits to settle claims with other involved parties.

7.Be honest with your insurer

After contacting the insurance company it is very important for one to be cooperative and extremely honest with them. The procedure requires one to record their version of the events with them. Car inspection and investigation of the crash is routine for the insurance company.

8.Seek legal advice before signing legal documents

Fort Lauderdale Auto Accident Attorney advice one strictly not to sign other legal documents with the other driver or the driver’s insurance agency without first seeking legal advice.

9. Ask your insurer for benefits under your policy

This is very important as one could lose benefits from the insurance company as well as valuable rights by signing such documents. Also, it is advised that one does not give statements whether written or recorded to the other party or their insurer. These can be very dangerous and can be used against them later.

10.Seek medical attention

If someone is hurt it is necessary to seek medical attention and follow instructions as failure to do so can badly influence a claim. Documentation of medical bills and leave from one’s work is needed to support a lawsuit for losses incurred. Lastly, it is good to seek legal advice early. This may include hiring lawyers.

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