5 Ways You can Use Printing In Your Marketing Strategy

While the increasing use of technology in everyday life and relevance of digital marketing may point towards print marketing losing its charm, the reality is far from this.
On the contrary, technological advancements and going digital has only helped printing and thus print marketing. For example, you can print flyers online and create your own designs making everything personalized and thus realizing better results from print marketing. Here are 5 ways you can use printing to market your brand offline:

Business Stationery printing

A Good quality and sophisticated design on your business stationery reflect a great deal about the effort and attention you’re ready to put in your services. Brand personalized stationery like pens, notepads, white papers, calendars and envelopes for internal use as well as gifting your guests or clients as complements makes quite an impression and impacts your brand positively, specifically within your existing clientele.

T-Shirt Marketing

Billboards are cool, yeah! But think about walking billboards. Yep, that’s what printed T-shirts can be for your business. They are one of the best direct marketing tools that add promotional value to your brand in the easiest way possible. You can customize them however you want, order them in bulk making it cost-effective and use them as a return gift in your business events. Nothing brings you long-lasting marketing as printed T-shirts.

Flyers and Brochures

The most classic examples of print media used for marketing is the flyers and brochures. These marketing weapons have been time-tested as the cost-efficient tools with far more ROI than advertisements in print media like magazines and newspapers given the high cost of space in popular ones. While flyers can easily replace your ads in print media, brochures can help you capture the eyes of your target audience and potential customers providing them prime information in their hands.

Scratch Off Printing

If your marketing strategy doesn’t play with the element of excitement, it’s probably not that effective and you need to change it. Scratch-Off coupons are one of the best ways to bring fun and excitement for your customers as well prospects and giving them reasons to visit you and explore your products and services. Measuring ROI becomes very easy with scratch-off coupons or tickets or discount cards.

Every Door Direct Mailing

EDDM is one of the most powerful offline marketing tools especially for small businesses to target their local audience better. With the advancement in everything marketing, EDDM has changed too to become more powerful and smarter using techniques like heatmapping the market on a demographic basis, unique URLs, QR codes and what not. You don’t even need to buy mailers list. All you need to do is pick a geographical location and use the mail delivery route information to deliver customized offers and sales as flat or folding postcards.

There’s more than one reason as to why print is still relevant in marketing strategies. While the advent of internet has broadened the spectrum of marketing, it doesn’t reduce the relevance of the prior tools. Digitization has only bettered print and the two, together have unlimited potential for successful and innovative marketing.

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