Benefits of plants for various skin and hair problems

Don’t we all love to take good care of our body, mainly working on making our skin and hair look in their best shape at all times? But most of us prefer over the counter moisturizer, creams, lotions that are made from harmful chemicals, which might give you the illusion of radiating your skin and health but in reality are eroding your skin of its natural beauty. The results are quick and easy because these products made from chemicals only work superficially and not on eliminating the underlying cause of the problem.

This is the reason why the world is now getting more and more inclined towards products made from plants or natural sources that enhance our natural beauty by repairing our skin and hair from within and gradually eliminating the cause of the condition, giving long lasting healthy results. Another beauty practice in rage is using homeopathy for treating skin related issues. Homeopathy has been a part of health beauty regime for centuries, helping people get beautiful skin and luscious hair.

Now if you have only used chemical based products on your hair and skin up until now, we would suggest you immediately switch to a milder yet effective alternative on your journey towards a healthy body.

Why, you ask?

Well, let us help you enlighten on the benefits of plants, trees for various skin and hair problems:


Who doesn’t know about this versatile plant? Aloe vera taken in any form, ingested or applied is only going to give you more healthy skin and hair. Regular use of aloe vera either directly or in its various forms as shampoo or hair gel can help treat hair loss, dandruff and give them an envious sheen, as they promote hydration. Using soap made from aloe vera on the skin can help alleviate signs of aging, soothe dry skin and gradually builds the skin tone even.


Consuming bay leaf has several benefits to the internal organs as it aids digestion, relieves pain and promotes overall good health. But when applied on skin, it has been helpful in treating infections as well as reducing fine line and wrinkles. Bay leaves also promote healthy hair by treating dandruff, dry scalp and hair loss.


Coconut is being long used for making skin and hair healthy. Massaging your hair with coconut oil an hour before shampoo can help get rid of the frizz, making your hair smooth and shiny. Using soap made from coconut will nourish and moisturize your skin, leaving it soft and supple, on regular use.

Purchase plant-based, organic products such as organic shampoo bars, Handmade organic skincare products only from a credible online boutique that have no qualms about putting out where did they source their ingredients from and are confident about the efficacy of these products in enhancing your beauty. Be cautious of stores duping consumers into purchasing chemicals or those made from animal by-products disguising themselves as organic product stores. Beautique selling handmade organic products, free from herbicides and pesticides should only be considered.

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