Best Sleeping Options For Your Newborn Baby

There are so many sleeping options of newborn on the market. It is totally understandable that you are concern about the pros and cons of theses sleeping options. But nothing to worry about, with the below best sleeping options for newborn baby you can able to choose the right one based on a well-informed decision.

The crib

From all over the world undoubtedly the crib is the most commonly chosen sleeping options of newborn baby by parents. There are so many styles are available from where you can choose the best one. But most of the parents love it.


  • One of the best newborn baby sleeping optionsis the crib. It does not matter if it is nursery room of bedroom, you can easily find a crib that can easily fit the style and size of the room. There you can find so many options from where you can choose the best one for your baby, from classic to modern.
  • Generally baby cribs has the cage-like design which make you feel relax that your little baby cannot be accidentally roll over the bed while they are sleeping. It is actually the safest sleep choice for the baby.
  • This baby sleeping options need less upgrade, so it is the best long-term investments among all of these sleeping options for the newborn baby.
  • You can also convert it to a toddler bed. So you no need to research online for toddler beds.


  • Actually for a crib you need lots of space. If you have smaller apartment or house it is not the best option for you.
  • Among some other newborn baby sleeping options it can be more expensive. If your budget is limited then better to go for other options.
  • It is not portable. It will stay in one place if you assemble it once.

The bassinet

It is basically a tinier form of the crib; it is one of the popular sleeping options of newborn baby.


  • It is portable. You can move it wherever you want. You can move it around the house to make you baby always in the reach of your sight. It is a huge advantage for the first-time moms.
  • The size of the bassinet can be easily fit in the tiniest apartment. If you want to save every corner of your house then bassinet is the best option, it takes less space than a crib.


  • In a blink of an eye the baby will outgrow it.
  • It is only good for the newborn baby only.

The cradle

It is similar to the bassinet. A cradle is actually smaller than a crib. It has a feature of rocking motion which helps to put your baby to sound sleep.


  • The rocking motion of the cradle will help you to put your baby to fall asleep.
  • It is easily portable as most of models have wheels on it. So you don’t have to carry your baby in your hands.


  • The main disadvantage is the rocking motion can make the baby to roll over, which increases the risk of SIDS.
  • It is actually too small, so that you have to buy other options for the growing baby.
  • As there is wheels and cradle has a rocking motion so it is risky to leave your baby unattended.

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