No matter how hard you try not to talk about death, you can not deny the fact that it is inevitable and when events are inevitable like marriage, retirement, death, timely and adequate planning helps smoothen the after-process. One such crucial plan that should be put in place is estate planning, which people differ talking about because then they have to discuss death.

Delaying estate planning is just one of the many grave mistakes that people make which results in massive hassle post their demise, with families quarreling over their property share, lawsuit.

Today we will discuss such common mistakes that every individual should avoid to make sure that their assets are well-secured and they are only remembered in good memories by their loved ones :


Most damage is done when nothing is done or planned. An individual who dies without having created a substantial will or further direction on asset management make their property vulnerable to prying eyes. One of the estate planning essential component is creating a will, a legal document that helps in providing proper guidelines on how to whom and when should the asset be distributed. In the absence of a will, the property would be for the state to take care of and manage as per their intentions, which will surely not align with your intents. But it’s never too late, get in touch with an estate planning and asset management firm like Rosen and Rosen law firm to decide on what shall be done with your property, asset, valuables if the unfortunate happens.


It is a smart choice to have an estate plan in place, but one must not forget it once documenting it. It’s not a done deal, because, with time circumstances changes, new taxes are implied, laws changes, new ties are established, some are severed. It is crucial that the individual timely re-examines the will to make sure that the terms are all compliant and include any changes if needed.


Adding someone else’s name to your account will give their creditors access to your account, which will create a ruckus and is hence not advised. Also, that person might take advantage of tx privileges which only you are lawfully eligible to enjoy.


Man individual only plans their estate around a set of certain assets, because the state handles the bequest requests first, which results in increased probability of the asset not going to the one it was initially intended to. SPecific investment leads to huge hassle, retrieving the property turns out to be more expensive than the market rate of the asset.


It is pivotal that the name and details of the beneficiaries are timely updated. Any changes in the estate planning should be per the desires and circumstances. One must note that a minor should never be designated as a primary or secondary beneficiary; otherwise, the asset shall be under court’s control until the child reaches a legal age for possession.

Make it a point not to commit these blunders and start estate-planning right now to safeguard your hard-earned property and secure your family, should anything happen to you. Consult an estate planning expert at Rosen and Rosen law firm to know how to effectively plan how should your property be managed in case of your death or you being incapacitated.

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