Common Winter Pests And What You Can Do For Your Home

Winter is one of the most common times to have pests in a building because wildlife and insects are looking for a warm place to live when it is cold. As a homeowner or renter, it is essential to use the best pest control methods so that you can prevent infestations of vermin. Here are the vermin that typically infest a home during the winter.

Vermin 1: Mice Invade Homes In the Winter

Mice have learned how to invade homes in the winter to have a place to nest and find food. This rodent has lost a lot of its natural habitat, so it has adapted to living in buildings instead. A mouse can squeeze through a tiny crevice in a building’s foundation, so it is vital to inspect the outside of your home to fill any holes or crevices with fiber insulation, liquid caulking or wire mesh. In addition, keeping a home clean can deter pests that are attracted to the odor of food and moisture. Homeowners should look near the baseboards of each room to find hard droppings or urine trails from mice. This contamination can transfer dangerous pathogens that will make people sick, so it is imperative to sanitize a home’s surfaces while also preventing an infestation from mice.

Common Winter Pests And What You Can Do For Your Home

Vermin 2: Infestations Of Ants Throughout the Winter

Ants are an insect that will invade your home in the winter because the colonies can nest underneath a building or inside a wall. Carpenter ants chew through a building’s wooden foundation and cellulose structures to create tunnels for traveling along with larger areas for nests. When there are numerous tunnels in a home’s walls, ceilings and floors, it can damage the integrity of a building. A homeowner might notice some species of ants in a kitchen where the insects will chew through bags and boxes to consume food, but other ant species create sawdust particles from chewing on cellulose. Keeping food inside metal or glass containers is a great way to discourage an invasion of ants.

Vermin 3: Dangerous Infestations Of Bats

In the past, bats would hibernate in caves during the winter, but today, these places are often sealed, making it impossible for the mammals to enter these locations. Bats need to hibernate in late autumn, so the animals will infest a home’s attic by entering a venting system or a hole in a rooftop. In some cases, a homeowner is unaware that there is an infestation of bats until one of the animals enters the building’s living area. Bats are a dangerous animal because most of these mammals carry the rabies virus, and a scratch from a wing or a tiny bite leads to contamination. Rabies is a lethal disease in most cases, so if a human or family pet is infected, then immediate treatment is necessary. The only way to get rid of bats is with professional pest control methods. A knowledgeable exterminator understands how to capture bats safely.

How To Control Invasive Winter Pests

When a home has an infestation of any type of insect or wildlife, it is important to avoid contamination that can lead to a dangerous disease. Keeping a home clean, protecting food and sealing crevices are the best ways to avoid having vermin inside your home.

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