Are you thinking about replacing your old phone system but have no idea about the types of business telephone system available on the market? To be able to decide on the kind of phone, first, you must look into all the determinants such as budget, which types of phones each employee within the office needs, functionality, flexibility, scalability, network coverage, equipment, customer service, etc.


Once you have established these aspects, you should educate yourself about the types of telephone you can choose from, per your requirements. Mentioned below are standard telehpone system that you can choose from, as per your business needs:


Landlines are the traditional phone system, also referred to as public switched telephone networks. These are analog phone system that runs via a conventional copper wiring, and a local or national phone company provides the service. They were the original business telephone system that facilitates reliable and high-quality voice conversations. It offered limited features like hold, redial, mute, transfer, speed dial, and speakerphone and had limited expandability. These systems are a necessity for Business that run without any high-speed internet access and provide optimum service to large corporations with a set budget to pay for.


It is a server-based IP system that resides on a server on a premise and is 100% IP. This server-based system offers various advantages like give remote workers access to a business’s phone system from their mobile devices, automated attendants, rerouting calls, call forwarding, call queues and computer integration. It is easy to set up and configure and is relatively cheaper than the landline systems. The only downside to incorporating this system is since it relies on the internet service, it won’t function in the region with low internet coverage. This system would be beneficial to the business wanting an all-encompassing and affordable phone system.


Also referred to as the hosted technology phone system, comprises of only data switches and routers and facilitates delivery of information through a high-speed internet connection. The system is managed by a web-based management system or Graphical user interface. The telephone system provider that your purchase it from is responsible for the maintenance of the system, upgrades, and equipment failures. Hence make sure you buy it from a dependable and certified company that provides service for all major communication companies like Norton, Sam, etc. The setup and configuration of a cloud-based system can be done all from your computer. It is beneficial for a business that doesn’t have an IT staff to maintain and repair PBX Hardware and those that want quick access to new phone system features or operate from multiple locations and want their system all on one platform.

So, these are the three primary business telephone system. It is essential that you do thorough research before you get a telephone system catering to the specific requirements of your business. If you are on a lookout for a telephone installation and repair service provider, check for such providers online that provide an all-encompassing service to Samsung, Norton, median and more such telephone systems.

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