Creative ways to build credit card rewards points quickly

Plastic money is gaining traction among consumers in India with more individuals applying for credit cards, fully aware of the benefits they entail. These cards come with great benefits which when utilised properly, can have a positive impact on your finances.

Reward points are among the perks associated with a credit card. They are usually based on usage, which means the more you use the credit card, the more reward points you collect. All that one needs to do is make the right choices and always be on the lookout for opportunities that can be capitalised on for big gains. With that said, here are some more ways using which reward points can be piled up.

Sign up for multiple credit cards

When you sign up for a new credit card, the company gives its new customer a signup bonus. In view of the increased competition, the signup bonuses offered have become more lucrative. Reward points are normally given as signup bonus and can vary drastically from card to card.

According to credit card experts, it is okay to sign up for 4-5 credit cards in a year and then enjoy the benefits of the accumulated reward points. You need to be pay any expense incurred on the card in full to truly benefit as any interest on the card will likely cancel out the advantage.

Compartmentalize your spending

There are credit cards in the market that offer better rewards when the card is used for a specific purpose. This can be anything from purchasing groceries, to buying fuel, to buying airline tickets. So, it is better that a person has different credit cards for meeting different needs.

For example, if one card gives more points for eating out at restaurants, then that one should be used for paying bills during family outings or when taking your friends out for a treat. This will ensure that you get extra points for the amount that you spend.

These reward points can then be redeemed for other benefits later on. You can follow the same process for buying fuel for your car or airline tickets for your next travel.

Shop at shopping portals

Another way of raking those reward points, is by shopping at shopping portals and not directly through the store’s website. Check if any portal is associated with your credit card, because if it is, then it’s likely that you’ll get additional flying miles, cashback or reward points for the amount that is spent there.

For example, if a Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Platinum Plus SuperCard is used to make an online purchase, then for every Rs. 100 spent, 2 reward points are added to the cardholder’s account.

Apart from this, you can avail reward points as a welcome gift, additional reward points on reaching an annual milestone number and complimentary access to airport lounges.

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