Custom Chenille Patches For All Your Jackets And Vests

You cannot custom chenille patches for your letter jackets, vests, and decorations because they make quite a statement when you seem them in their full color and glory. You can have custom chenille patches made for any sort of garment you like, and you can use them all 15 ways you see below.

1.They Work On Jackets

You can put these patches on jackets at any time, and people will recognize the style and coloring.

2. On Vest

You can use these patches on vests because they offer the same color and texture you would get on a jacket

3. Smaller Patches

Smaller patches work on letter jackets, and they allow you to show off the places you have been if you put one on your riding jacket.

4. Kitchen Towels

5. Hand Towels

6. Bath Towels

7. Bathrobes

You can put these patches on any of the items above because they tend to match the texture of the towels or fabric of the robe. The idea is to label everything that belongs to certain people, or you could use them in your bed and breakfast. They are fun to touch, and they are very soothing to look at.

8. Tablecloths
9. Runners
10. Rugs
11. Tapestries

You can put the chenille patches on any of these items to mark them or show off your school spirit. You might put these patches on these items because you want them all to be labeled, or you could use these patches because you want to mark certain parts of the house in a certain way. You could even get patches for certain holidays so that the home items look like they fit with the theme of the holiday. You can have the patches made in any color you like, and they have a pleasing texture that you will fall in love with.

12. Windbreakers
13. Reunion Jackets
14. Work Jackets
15. Retail Jackets

You add a chenille patch to all the jackets above because they help you look your best while you are working. You could also give out these jackets to family when you are meeting for a reunion. You will find that these are nice ways to remember the gatherings you had, and you will have fun picking colors that will match with the patches you have found. You can build these patches online, and you can have them affixed to any jacket as you determine the style you prefer.

You should look online at the patch maker so that you can build your own chenille patch, work out a color scheme that you prefer, and order as many as you need for the family, the team, the house, or the business.

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