Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection and everything you need to know about it

CMV or Cytomegalovirus is a virus that can infect any individual, irrespective of the age and gender. Once the person catches the CMV virus, the body will retain it for lifetime. It is the nature of CMV that most people would never know they suffer from Cytomegalovirus. For instance, if a pregnant woman catches CMV, she may pass this virus on to her baby which can cause serious concerns for the baby’s health. The baby post getting infected shows symptoms of virus. People having a weakened or compromised immune system, developed due to transplantation of organs, this virus is known to be fatal.

How CMV spreads?

The mode of spreading CMV is usually through urine, blood, saliva, breast milk, and semen. The cytomegalovirus has apparently no cure. However, medical professionals buy Vulgan 450 mg online to treat weakened immunity people and newborns for this virus.

Notable symptoms of CMV

Most of the people having strong immunity however, infected with CMV experience very few signs of the virus. Individuals who are at increased risks of CMV include –
Infants catching the virus shortly after birth or during the birth. Catching the virus after birth is known as Perinatal CMV and they catch infection through breast feeding.
Congenital CMV is a category of CMV where the baby catches the infection before actually being born.
People having weakened immunity due to HIV infection or post an organ transplant are at higher risks of getting infected with CMV.

Causes of CMV

CMV is associated with the virus that is responsible for herpes simplex, mononucleosis, and chickenpox. The infection usually lies dormant for periods before reactivating. For a healthy individual with CMV, the virus will stay dormant for most of his/her life. When the virus is reactivated, it has the tendency to infect other people coming in contact with the infected individual through body fluids.

CMV transmits through –

a.Sexual contact with the person infected with CMV

b.Breast feeding by an infected mother to the infant

c.Blood transfusions or organ transplant

d.Touching the inside of nose or eyes post coming in contact with the bodily fluids of an infected individual

e.Before birth where the infected mother passes the infection to the baby. The risks of baby catching the infection increase if the mother is infected for the first time in comparison to infection reactivation.


For a CMV infection, the complications greatly vary depending on the immune health of an individual.
It would be rare for any healthy person to develop mononucleosis. The person may rarely suffer from health issues generated after getting infected from CMV which include problems with nervous system, brain, liver, and digestive system.

Complications for weakened immunity individuals

Loss of sight

Colon inflammation, hepatitis, esophagitis

Brain inflammation or encephalitis


If you have weakened immune system, you may buy Vulgan 450 mg online that can help you fight the infection. There are experimental vaccines that are being introduced and tested for women fit for bearing a baby. These vaccines are considered and found useful for preventing infection in infants as well as mothers. They also reduce the possibilities of any disability the baby will have post suffering from CMV.

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