DUI Laws in Atlanta, Georgia – What You Need To Know?

DUI or Driving Under the Influence is a criminal offense that can claim lives of not only the driver but other people’s lives as well. If the subject is proven guilty, he/she may be sentenced for drunk driving charge. But, the sentence can be harsh to worst if it involves injury or death. The Atlanta DUI law or Driving Under the Influence Law prohibits people irrespective of their age groups to drive a motor vehicle when intoxicated. The laws here are harsh and any activity that is categorized as a crime may compromise with your freedom for life. According to Atlanta DUI Attorney, the convictions of DUI get marked in your criminal record for lifetime.

DUI Laws in Atlanta, Georgia - What You Need To Know?

Driver’s License is not a right, it’s a privilege!

The driver’s license is a constitutional privilege granted to Atlanta Citizens. If an individual is charged with DUI felony, his/her driver’s license can be suspended, revoked or withdrawn by the Department of Driver Services. Not only this, the Department holds the right to impose fines and may ask the convict to attend Drug Risk Reduction Program.

The Penalties under DUI include

If the official administers a chemical or breath or urine test on the convict only to find the positive results, he holds the right to confiscate driver’s license. If in case the subject refuses to administer the test, officials will issue a driving permit that would be valid for a month. In these 30 days, the department of Driver Services determines whether your license should remain confiscated and the duration of suspension. Atlanta DUI Attorny can help convict to face the entire legal process with planning and strategizing for minimum punishment for the offence.

Penalties sentenced to the convict entirely depend on the factors such as age, previous history of DUI convictions, and the type of license:

Possible prison sentence
Fines with additional court cost
Increased rate of car insurance
Revocation or suspension of driver’s license
DUI school costs
Limited permit to driving (a privilege)
Ignition Interlock Device or IID installation in the motor vehicle (a privilege)

Note – Ignition Interlock Device requires the driver to go take a breath test to check alcohol content in the body. If the detected value is more than the value programmed in the device, the engine won’t start. The driver convicted twice or more of DUI crime within the period of 5 years is eligible for the installation of Ignition Interlock Device in the motor vehicle.

Atlanta DUI Attorney, at the right time of intervention can help the subject to face minimum sentence. In possession or distribution of any drug such as Marijuana or an illegal substance can compromise with the privileges granted to the individual charged. This stands valid even if nothing of the sort has occurred inside the motor vehicle. On proving the conviction, the prosecution may include suspension of the driving license, reinstatement of driver’s license, limited driving permit, and DUI Alcohol and Drug Reduction Program along with the associated costs.

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