The mode of advertising has evolved from traditional prints signage to digital signage. Unlike the conventional signage where information was conveyed via wood or paper display, digital signage as the name suggests makes use of a dynamic display. Now almost every government, as well as private agencies, are making use of digital signage medium to communicate with their customers and visitors.

Why prefer digital signage over the traditional one?

Let’s start with the apparent reason as to why would a business prefer marketing via digital signage and not print/paper medium and that is, the display is appealing and holds people’s attention. Compared to traditional signage, digital signage garners more views, which helps business as it enhances their brand awareness.

With traditional signage mode, accompanies high operational cost of shipping, reprinting, and maintenance. Such is not the case with digital signage, which only has a high upfront cost.

In the case of traditional signage, you can create content once, and there is no scope of updating to fresh content. Content needs to be printed again and then physically installed, which leads to a significant increase in expenditure. With digital signage device you have the freedom to push the content through the network which can get updates per your requirement and suitability since it operated in real-time.

What key aspects should be kept into consideration while purchasing a digital signage device?

Always opt for a commercial grade digital signage solution over consumer grade solutions. Commercial grade device is considerably durable, facilitates interoperability and is the best choke for heavy-duty hardware processing.

Digital signage is supposed to make communication and consumption of information most comfortable, which is why when looking for a digital signage player, make sure that the hardware is not complicated and all you have to do is plug the cords into the connector and play.

Make sure that the digital signage device can monitor and report the network health, to keep a tab on the network performance, updating the content, checking which content if being favored. Monitoring and reporting help with managing the content system and user engagement.

What mistakes should one avoid while installing a digital signage device?

What good would digital signage be if the content is not top-notch? You should have enough resources and a sought-after strategy for creation, approval, and managing of the content for the coming year. This would need a diligent and resourceful team. Remember what your audience wants to see and control the direction of the content, accordingly.


Do not forget why did you think about getting a digital signage solution in the first place; to attain your business objective, which can be enhancing your brand awareness, boost your sales, etc. Know the metrics and periodically measure them to identify, if there is any problem and work on it to develop and display better content


It is imperative to chalk out a realistic time plan and structure a network to work accordingly. Proper navigation to the digital signage implementation involves a team that comprehends the ultimate goal and can provide an optimal solution.

Keep the points mentioned above into consideration when planning to install digital signage for your gym, office or salon. Whether you are a marketing agency or a business looking for a robust digital signage player that supports multi-format media file; be it audio, video or image, instead of wandering showroom, purchase one from an online store specializing in connectivity and distribution solutions for residential as well as commercial installations at a reasonable price.

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