How to Survive Being the Single Parent of Two Children Under Three

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Most woman do not plan to become a single parent. Unfortunately, sometimes life has other plans. If you find that you are left alone to raise a toddler and an infant, it can be frightening to say the least. You need to have patience, supportive friends and family and a lot of love. It is not impossible to raise young children on your own. Single women raise happy healthy children everyday.

Be good to yourself. This tip might sound a little out of place in an article about how to survive being a single parent of two young children. However, in order to be at your best for your kids you need to maintain your overall health. If you get run down and tired, it will be even more difficult to provide for your children. Take a few moments for yourself each day so that you can rejuvenate.

Do not be afraid to admit that you need help juggling work and two small children. If you have family and friends who are willing and able to watch your little ones for a few hours each week, accept their help. This time can provide you with an opportunity to run errands, do your grocery shopping and complete any other chores for the week.

Call on a friend if you are ill. Sometimes the common cold or flu is not so common at all. If you are very ill it is difficult to run after and care for two small kids on your own. Ask a friend or loved one if they can give you a helping hand for a few hours. This time will give you an opportunity to get rested up so that you can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Set a day and timeframe each week when you will do your major household cleaning. Stick to that time each week to help keep your house in order. If you just clean here and there between everything else you do (with no organization), it is more likely that you will fall behind on important household chores.

Try to do a little cleaning when the kids are napping or safely content throughout the week. This will help to ensure that cleaning day is not completely overwhelming. Vacuum or dust a room, do a spot cleaning in your bathroom or sweep the linoleum floors. Doing chores throughout the week will keep your house clean between major cleaning days.

Organization is your friend. Even if you have never been particularly organized in your life, you should work hard to organize your house. Being organized will make it easier to care for two little tykes who both need your time and attention throughout the day. Have a friend or loved one help you to get organized and to encourage you to stay that way.

Be responsible with your money. Create a household budget to keep you on target for how much money you need to set aside for bills and expenses each week (useful template). As a single parent, there will not be much money left at the end of each month for extras. If you make purchases throughout the week that are not essential, try to cut them from your spending. You might cut down on the number of times you eat out at work or the number of fancy coffees you purchase each morning. Give consideration to lowering the number of channels you have on Satellite or Cable TV. Rent a few less movies each week. There are numerous ways to cut down on your spending.

Save money. Everyone needs to save money for a rainy day. As a single parent, you definitely need to set aside money for emergencies. Try to save a few dollars out of each paycheck. You might also consider starting a savings account for each child. It is never to early to start saving for their college years. Consider making some money on the side. When kids are sleeping you can always write college papers for some extra cash.

Being a singe parent is just as much a blessing as being a parent with a loving spouse or partner. You just need to manage your time well, be willing to ask for help when it is needed, and to always put the needs of your family first.

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