Know The Different Types Of Car Service

Knowing the basic of car servicing is important. Knowledge of what this servicing needs to include is essential so that you can ensure that the service center chosen is doing its job as required. First of all, car servicing is absolutely important for all types of cars. It is necessary to ensure that this is carried out on time as you have your vehicle performing to its best most of the times. Besides which, this car service adds to the longevity of the car and also increases its value.

Know The Different Types Of Car Service

A Full Car Service:

Go through the handbook given by the manufacturer to get a fair idea of how and when your car needs to be serviced. Following this to the tee can offer you multiple benefits.

What Are the Different Car Services that You Can Find in The Market

#1 Interim or basic Service:

A basic service includes change of filter and oil along with inspection done visually. This service also includes a topping-up of all the essential fluids which include fluids of the steering, washer and brakes and the anti-freeze. A reputed mechanic also checks out the recommendations of the manufacturer and the brakes.

Know The Different Types Of Car Service

#2 Oil and filter change:

This oil and filter change is important and thus included in types of car services. With this the car’s fuel efficiency increases and the vehicle tends to operate smoothly. Most of the mechanics also inspect the car visually when you go for this oil and filter change.

#3 Full service:

Besides the above mentioned service, a full service includes an additional 15 to 30 checks. Any additional maintenance work to be done on a car is charged. Branded cars like Mercedes and BMW require steady maintenance and servicing so people should not negotiate about the reduction of price in these cases. Certified and registered mechanics are the best ones who can enhance the on-road efficiency of the car, and allow the car to have a good resale value after full body and component servicing.

#4 Manufacturer’s service:

A manufacturer’s service is one of the most expensive and comprehensive service as this includes all the wear and tear of a car and the different checks carried out during this service are

  1. Brake fluid top up after check
  2. Oil filter check and replacement of oil
  3. Anti-freeze coolant checking and also top-up
  4. Wash and check of the windshield and the top-up.
  5. Check of the full brake
  6. Check of the shock absorber

Moreover, trained and certified mechanics also do Steering check, they check the wipers of the windshield, check suspension, light, charging system and also the exhaust pipes, to avoid any on-road breakdown of the car.

Intervals between Car Servicing:

Older cars have service intervals which are based on mileage. There are two maintenance schedules to be followed. One is for those cars which are driven in service considered as ‘normal’ and the other for ‘severe’. Severe means operating your car under conditions listed below.

  • Extremely cold, hot and dusty climates
  • Short trips of 5 miles or less
  • Carrying loads which are heavy or towing of a trailer

With these reminder systems the vehicle’s operating conditions is taken into account. You are provided with an alert on the dash when you need to take the car for servicing. You need to opt for an oil change at least every 12 months if you do not use the car too often.

An experienced garage or a service centre can help you decide on how to go about the servicing of your car. You only need to ensure you make the right choice of the mechanic.

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