Long Distance Movers’ Tips on How to Have a Successful Long-Distance Move

Moving from one place to another is a tough situation, whether you are an incoming college student, a fresh graduate who wants to work in the big city, a divorcee who wants to start a new life or a family with both parents having a new job in another city or state. In this article, we will discuss tips on how to have a successful move and how to find respectable long-distance movers. If you want to know how to plan for a long distance move, click here. 

You need to plan ahead of time 

Cross-country or long-distance moving is a significant life event. The best way to make sure that everything will go smoothly is to make sure that you have enough time to plan your move. Research the companies that you are planning to hire, schedule the date of your move, find out all your possible options and of course, you need to find the cheapest movers.

You need to talk to the moving company at least two months before your planned date of moving. Especially in summertime when movers have a full schedule, by planning, you won’t have to worry about finding a respectable mover. Plan everything ahead of time to make sure you will not forget anything meaningful when the day of your move arrives.

Ask your potential mover for an In-House moving estimate.

When you are asking for an in-house moving estimate, the company representative from the moving company will visit your house to survey all the items you are planning to move. It allows the movers to give you an accurate estimate on how much you will pay for the move. It will also help clients get a feel for what’s moving companies to hire. You check this out if you want to do your own calculation on how much will it cost for the move.

If the company does not want to do an in-house survey, you need to be cautious. You may be dealing with a broker instead of the moving company itself. Brokers are like intermediaries, they talk to the clients in using the mover’s name but, in reality, they are not part of that company. Usually, they offer a cheaper service compared to regular movers like MyLongDistanceMovers.com if you want to personally compute the cost of your move.

This setup can cause more problems for you in the long run because you will deal with not just the moving company, but also the broker, and most probably, these brokers are working with companies with the lowest satisfaction rating in your area. You can use Google Earth and search for that company’s address to make sure they are a legit mover and have a physical address and their moving van.




Research the company you will potentially hire

Not all movers are created equal. You need to do your research about the company to make sure that you are hiring a high-quality mover. The best way to check these businesses is to search them in www.yelp.com, Angie’s List or movingscam.com. For cross-country or long-distance moves, it is also a good idea to hire established van lines. Established lines have larger hauling capabilities than a fly-by-night, mom-and-pop movers. These van lines are much more likely to be able to hire capable and well-trained crews on move day.


With long distance move, the cost is going to be based on the total weight of the items you will ship. The more you send an item, the more you pay. It is better to take time and go through all your belongings and decide what to ship and what you can get rid of. If you have too many belongings that can still be used, you can hold a garage sale before you move or donate your extra items to the Salvation Army or the nearest church in your area.

You also need to think about the unnecessary things in your home, whether you need it in your new house or not. If you are moving from a cold place like Michigan to a warmer place like Florida, you most likely don’t need to bring items like warm blankets, snow blowers, or your winter jackets. You can probably give that to your neighbors or friends living in the area.

Consider whether the furniture you are bringing will fit in the new location or not

You need to plan where all your furniture will go once you arrive at your new home. You need to make sure that everything will perfectly fit, or else the money you paid to transport the furniture will go to waste. If you have a smaller new home, there’s a big chance that the house will feel smaller if you bring large furniture.

You need to plan what you will bring or not to bring. If you don’t have enough space to put your appliance and furniture, you need to sell or donate them. Houses with older model usually have tight stairwells; king size beds won’t fit. Always check your new home before you plan to transfer. If you want to know how to properly pack a furniture, visit https://www.wikihow.com/Pack-Furniture-For-Moving.

You need to label every box


If you are packing your belongings, make sure that you label the boxes. Write outside the box the items that are packed inside. You also need to remember that it is essential to mark the box depending on the room where the items will be placed. You need to put a marking like “living room” or “Bedroom #1,” making it easier to unload and unpack once you arrive in your new location. It is also more comfortable for the moving crew to place the boxes where it belongs. Marking the boxes will be a big help, especially if you have small objects like TV remotes, picture frames, or decorations.

Get acquainted with your new surroundings

One of the most challenging things about moving long distance is the new surroundings. The new place does not feel like “home” at first. After you move, you don’t know anyone in your new area, and you haven’t figured out where to buy your groceries, where’s the nearest hospital, fire station or where is your new restaurants are at.

(If you want to know how to properly get acquainted with your new city or surrounding, visit https://www.mantra.com.au/blog/3-ways-to-get-familiar-with-a-new-city.)

It is best to explore your new place once you get there. Get familiar with your new surroundings. Meet new people, talk to your neighbors, or use meeting websites like meetup.com to know and meet like-minded people near you.

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