Major Problems Faced By SMT Machines

Surface-Mount Technology machines or, popularly known as SMT Machines, were a major breakthrough in printed circuit assemblies in the 1980s. SMT was developed in the 1960s and, since then, it has been a major innovation point in the electronics world. SMT Component Placement Machines are commonly known for their automated pick and place features and are used to surface mount devices on PCBs.

In spite of many advantages like boosting mechanical efficiency and automating the whole process, SMT Machines have major problems. The overall efficiency of a business plays a significant role in defining its level of scalability. Thus, businesses are always looking for efficient ways of using their available resources. Boosting mechanical efficiency is a great way to improve the production rate of your business. For instance, Samsung Feeder Supplies are a great way to boost the production rate of SMT machines in your business.

The use of vacuum pressure and precision nozzles are used for the product placement in SMT Machines. This is repeated for every SMT assembly equipment namely – Picking, Holding, Transport, Placement, and Release. Listed below are a few major problems faced by SMT Machines.

Low-Pressure Vaccum

This is quite a common problem faced by SMT Machines. Sometimes, the vacuum pressure is too low to pick up a feeder component. One of the main cause of this problem is the low quality of nozzle or lack of its maintenance. The nozzle design should match the component to ensure smooth functioning of the whole process.

Problems With Nozzles

This might seem quite simple but is a major problem. The nozzle plays quite an important role in the whole pick-and-place process and therefore if a worn out or misfit nozzle is placed, it can be a big blow to the whole process.

Wear and Tear

The whole process of pick-and-place is quite mechanical and thus the contributing elements are prone to wear and tear. This is quite common as well as a major problem faced by SMT machines. The nozzle tip often wears out and distorts the whole process.

There are a few more problems faced by SMT Machines and this is the primary reason there had been many modifications made in the contributing elements. You can always use quality feeder supplies to boost the efficiency and production of SMT machines. For example, there are many reputed online stores that are known for their feeder supplies such as Samsung feeder supplies.

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