Plan a scavenger hunt, this halloween

So, with Halloween just around the corner, how do you plan to entertain your little munchkins this time?

Or if you are still a toddler by heart, yourself, what fun activity do you plan to engage yourself with?

Yes, no one is going to deny, trick or treating is fun, but why not one-up the Halloween game this time?

Why not try a fun game of scavenger hunt this time?

No idea, what we are talking about?

Well allow us to tell you what fun entails in a scavenger hunt game and how you can ensure that your Halloween celebration is sorted:

Scavenger hunt if one goes by literal meaning would mean looking for something, only that it is not that simple. Scavenger hunt involves individuals or teams, hunting for the item which they have to decode from the riddles that will be hidden in strange places. To make the hunt, even more complicated, there might be a set of rules about how you’re supposed to obtain the object associated with the clue. Bit twisted, right? But that’s where the fun lies. The scavenger hunt can be played with your family, friends, and colleague anywhere; indoors or in the parks.


If you think that organizing scavenger hunt in office won’t be such a mature idea, then we are afraid, but you are highly mistaken. A scavenger hunt can help in encouraging personal interaction between the employees. You can include riddles asking for a specific article, inklings, that would want team members to reach out to those colleagues who might be one of the shy-lots. To make the scavenger hunt more interesting, you could ideate a way for people to showcase to showcase their talent.


There is no shortage of ideas on how you can plan-out an adventurous scavenger hunt for the Halloween. You can choose either a decorated mall or Halloween store, give your house a ghostly makeover or use your neighbor’s house as a venue. Scavenger hunt when played in team help strengthening team-spirit. The otherwise shy kids open up, kids with hidden talent are given a platform to showcase and channel it.

Clues can be pumpkins, spider, Halloween candy, spooky eyes, glow-sticks, black cat and you will be able to find a plethora of scavenger hunt riddles for Halloween on online stores.
To end the scavenger hunt on a good note, make sure you welcome the players to a sumptuous Halloween meal and award the winners with Halloween themed goodies.

If you are running out of scavenger hunt riddles for Halloween or the old ones have become too easy to figure out, we would recommend you shop at online stores where you will be able to create a customized Halloween party pack, for home as well as for office. You will find that some of these websites have one of the most extensive databases of scavenger hunt clues, for your kids and colleagues to keep scratching their head to decode it. If you plan to organize a scavenger hunt for your grandparents and their friends, you can customize everything: the events, the invitations, the activities. You get all this with a money back guarantee and assured refund.

Wouldn’t it be a cherry on the cake in this festive season?

Hurry, get your mojo on and create a thrilling scavenger hunt for Halloween, this October!

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