Railway advancements that are making the future bright

The Indian railway has made a lot of changes in its system to make is better for everyone travelling through trains. They have adopted a lot of new technology to make the trains much more clean and comfortable for all the passengers. These changes have made travelling by trains much more pleasant than it was before. If proper facilities are provided in the trains, then train journey can be one of the more enjoyable journeys. Some of the recent advancements that have been made are quite supreme and appreciated by everyone.

DeenDayalu coaches

The majority of the people in India travel in the general class of a train. Previously, the general class was a terrible place. With the introduction of DeenDayalu coaches, the people travelling in the general class have been able to travel in a much better condition. These coaches have potable water available, bio-toilets and also charging points. Few other conveniences like cushioned luggage racks, coat hooks and additional hand hold near the doorways are also provided.

Executive lounges

In the New Delhi Railway Station five star waiting lounges have been set for the passengers to wait for their trains in a comfortable manner. They provide comfort like home and luxury like hotels at very reasonable prices. These executive lounges are available on various hotel booking sites too. The passengers can book their stay in these lounges beforehand by going online to these sites or even the official website of IRCTC.

Gatiman Express

In the era of aeroplanes which allow people to travel across large distances only in a few hours, trains can’t be left far behind. The Gatiman Express is a semi-high speed train which can travel a distance of 200 kilometres from Delhi to Agra in just 100 minutes. It has been equipped with a strong locomotive. Eight AC chair cars and two executive AC chair cars are provided for the travellers. Other safety equipmentincludes an automatic fire alarm, high power emergency brake system and a GPS based passenger information system. This train also has the facility of sliding doors in the coaches.

CNG train

The government is trying its best to be as eco-friendly as possible. So the Indian Railway is also adopting this nature. Turning to green fuel would be the best way to practise this. CNG trains have also been launched so that air pollution is reduced and other fuel can be preserved. This way the trains will contribute quite less to the emission of the greenhouse gases.

Privatisation of catering

The quality of food available on the trains is terrible. But taking your own foodis also not possible all the time. So, this was a big problem for all the passengers. But currently with the introduction of various start-ups that provide catering services for food for train journey, the quality and the service has become much better. People can choose from a large variety of food items on the menu from a number of restaurants in the cities and these people will deliver it to them on the train. People might also be able to order pizzas and bur

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