Have you been wrongly accused of a crime that you did not commit?

Is someone trying to put blame of a heinous crime on you, to seek revenge from you?

While your initial response to this might be shouting and convincing people around you that you were in no way involved in this crime, your immediate action should be to consult a criminal lawyer in Maine, whose proficiency in criminal law will help prove your innocence and free you from all the charges.

But finding a criminal defense lawyer is not as easy as it looks and you must steer clear of those showing signs of incompetence. The initial consultation would be a clear giveaway of what would the result of the case would be, if you will hire that lawyer or not? In that initial consultation, notice these red flags:

If the attorney comes to the initial consultation unprepared, you should not invest any more time or energy with them. Take, for example; they have no strategies to fight the case, are not asking any questions that could help strengthen your argument, unable to answer the question you have regarding the case. Fighting criminal defense is cost-extensive, and hence you should know that every penny going into it is being used to reinforce your case and help you win the case.

Is the criminal defense attorney only talking about their accolades and achievements, without being considerate about your situation and where their real focus should be? They are going to represent you and hence must be aware of every minuscule detail regarding the incident that led to the lawsuit. If they seem distracted or are merely nodding to everything you say without being responsive, then you should not hire them to fight your case. An adept attorney should be able to identify the emotion and motivate you to think clearly and make rational decisions.

Don’t fall for attorneys guaranteeing you sure shot win in the case. The result is for the court to decide and no attorney can predict their victory or loss even before starting the legal proceeding and presenting their arguments. If the attorney is trying to lure you into hiring them by telling you are a winner if the case is in their hands, then all they have is false hope and no substance to prove your innocence. Don’t hire them.

A proficient criminal defense attorney would be understanding of your circumstances, listen to your every minuscule problem patiently, make sure that you don’t let the intricacies the case other you beyond what is compulsory If you are observant enough, you will easily make out whether or not they are the right attorney for you in the initial consultation.

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