Steps to follow in case of an auto accident

If you are involved in an auto accident, the best you can do for yourself is to know your rights and responsibilities well. Being involved in any such accidents can leave a huge impact on your life as well as that of the others. Essential equipments for your car include the current information on insurance including the name of carrier and policy number, current vehicle registration with signature, disposable camera, and notepad. These will prove to be of immense help in case you have met with something unexpected such as a car accident.

Here are a few steps an auto accident attorney suggest to take in case you have met with an auto accident –

Stop your vehicle – The law requires the car driver who is involved in the car accident that has resulted in death, property damage, or personal injury to immediately stop their car at the collision or accident point. Also, it is required to avoid severe traffic congestion while remaining at the scene of incident until an officer authorizes the individual to leave or he/she completes the investigation

Assist – Seek medical assistance for you and anyone seriously injured. You may take reasonable medical assistance from the person if he/she is guilty of conduct or wrongdoing.

Call the local police – The law of North Carolina requires the vehicle driver involved in the auto accident to call the local police through quickest method of communication. If you are in the outskirts of the city, call the nearest North Carolina Highway Patrol office, rural police or department of sheriff.

Witnesses – Gather as much information like name, address, and contact information etc about the witnesses who were present at the time of accident. Try to obtain their statements as to what information they have regarding the accident.

Statement about the accident – Give your information such as address, name, registration number, license number and contact number of your vehicle. Give your information carefully as the prosecution may use it against you.
Assist the officer on site – Unless you need medical assistance, your presence on the scene of accident is important until the arriving officer is done with the investigation and permits you to leave. Try to provide the basic facts and you can exercise your rights of consulting an auto accident attorney before making any statements with the officer.

Information exchange – Exchange your information with the other person that has been involved in the accident. Get the name, address, contact details, registration number, and driver’s license number.

Take notes – Fill out the information form of accident and diagram. Make your own notes on all circumstances regarding the accident such as the cars position, weather during accident, exact distance between the two automobiles, the point of collision, and pictures if any.

Notify the insurance company – Make a report for your liable automobile insurance company on immediate basis. You can have your auto accident attorney do it for you.

Follow these steps to best exercise your rights and fulfill your responsibilities as a person involved in accident.

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