The Handheld Vector Network Analyzer

The handheld vector network analyzer is considered one of the most reasonable priced all around portable analyzer models available. This handheld analyzer is known for its precise measurements.

Features of The Handheld Vector Network Analyzer( Models MS2024A, and MS2026A)

These models are classified as a 2 port, 1 path type handheld analyzers. For the users’ convenience, the handheld analyzers offer an intuitive type Graphical Interface with touchscreen capabilities.

The Handheld Vector Network Analyzer

You can depend on the accurate, precise calibration provided by this analyzer, engineered to provide stable calibration in all conditions.

Other features include:

1. User-defined overlays for viewing multiple S-parameters.
2. Offers great RF immunity.
3. Transmission Dynamic Range of 100db.
4. Vector voltmeter option to provide for cable phase matching.

Benefits of Our Analyzers

The handheld analyzer can be used to enhance interference mapping, making locating interference sources in wireless networks much easier to indemnify and diagnose.

Our Victor handheld analyzer offers compatibility with Anristo’s BTS Master, Cell Master, Site Master, and with Spectrum Master handheld analyzers.

Our handheld analyzer(model MA2700A) is ideal for use by engineers and technicians in installation, deployment, and maintenance of wireless networks. The MA2700A analyzer is engineered and designed to be the most advanced base station for installation, commissioning, acquaintance, and problem solving

MA2700A Other Benefits

The MA2700A is engineered with these built in capabilities:

1. A GPS receiver and antenna.
2. Electronic Compass
3. User-select pre-amplifier.
4. The MA2700A is equipped with is own power source by being powered through its USB connector.
5. The unit features 2 port cable
6. Antenna Analyzer.
7. Highly Sensitive Spectrum Analyzer.
8. Transmitter Platform.
8. Receiver testing.

Cell Master Featured Functions

Cell Master Featured functions include cable and antenna analyzer, spectrum analyzer, interference analyzer, backhaul analyzer, and power meter.

The multi-user feature and other functions of this Cell Master analyzer a compact type unit offering the greatest number of features on a compact unit.

MS2702DT Interference Measuring Capability

The MS2702DT handheld analyzer is with Spectrograms, a feature on the analyzer that enables events to be displayed over time. This feature (i.e. Spectrograms) makes it simple to locate intermittent interferers.

The MS2702DT handheld analyzer is equipped with a signal strength antenna. With this signal strength antenna rogue transmitters will be easy to detect.

The design of the MS2702DT handheld analyzer is designed with dedicated routines. These dedicated routines gives the user of the analyzer for one button measurements of Carner to interference, Adjustment Channel Power Ratio, occupied bandwidth, channel power, and field strength.

MS270T handheld analyzer designed for Worldwide Use

The MS2702T handheld analyzer offers 6 options for measuring major wireless standards across the world. These options include LTE FDD/TDD, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, W-COMA/HSPA+, CDMA/EVDO, and WIMAX Fixed/Mobile.

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