The Uses Of Philosophy

Philosophy is a science that deals with the concepts of wisdom and knowledge. It is an offered major at colleges and universities and is a profession that people choose to pursue every day. Yet, many people do not know what the use of philosophy is. What is it good for? What does it provide? What is the practical value of it? All the other sciences, such as biology, computer science, and psychology, (just to name a few) lead to practical applications that benefit society. However, how does philosophy do that and what purpose does philosophy serve?

First of all, you must decide what is practical. Most people would agree that something is practical if it is an effective way to achieving a goal. Therefore, you must note what goal is intended. To ask if philosophy is practical, you must first know what goal you have in mind when pursuing philosophy. Ironically, when you ponder upon these things, you have already engaged in philosophy. Therefore, philosophy is important because it is something that everybody uses whether they actually realize it or not. To even criticize philosophy, you must engage in philosophy.

The Uses Of Philosophy

There are four major skills that have been identified as important that are acquired through the study of philosophy. The Philosophical Association has identified them as the following: general problem solving skills, communication skills, writing skills, and persuasive powers skills. Problem solving skills are used in such disciplines as accounting, mathematics, and many other business areas. Communication skills are used not only in every day life but in professions such as media newscasters and sociologists as well. Writing skills are used not only by writers but also by thousands of other jobs as well. And persuasive skills are used in ad campaigns, business ventures, governmental issues, and much more. All of these skills are applied in all aspects of life and in various occupations, so since these important skills can be acquired through philosophy and used for advantageous purposes, then philosophy does serve a purpose by way of providing needed skills.

Moreover, some philosophers would even argue that philosophy is used for gaining self-enlightenment, self-understanding, and the purpose of life and self. Regardless, philosophy is something that we all use from time to time and the formal study of it can help us to gain knowledge and wisdom and, in addition, provide us with practical skills that can be used in all areas of life.

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