Things To Know Before You Get On With Demo Saw Hire

Before you decide on hiring a demolition saw or a demo saw, there are a few important things that are important to know. A demo saw or a concrete saw refers to a power tool that is mainly used in cutting concrete, tile, asphalt, brick, masonry or other hard materials. These are the ones that range from small hand held saw to even bigger chop saw models. It can be powered by an electric motor, gasoline or pneumatic or hydraulic pressure. The saw blades that are generally used on the concrete saw are mostly diamond blade saws that are used in cutting up of asphalt, concrete etc. When a hard object is being cut like concrete, it creates a large amount of dust, therefore to avoid that it is always recommended that the blade is cooled down which also increases the longevity of the blade.

Things To Know Before You Get On With Demo Saw Hire

Blade Choice and Why is It Important for Demo Saw Hire?

 When you have chosen to avail the services of demo saw hire, it is important that you understand what kind of blade is being used. The right kind of diamond blade for the concrete saw is crucial before you proceed on to the cutting task. Apart from the basic aspects like what diameters of the saw blades can the concrete saw accommodate or the arbour size along with the quality of the blade are some of the important aspects that should be kept in mind before you make the final decision of hiring a demolition saw.

Advantages of Demo Saw Hire and Concrete Cutting

 If one were to decide between concrete cutting and the conventional way of removing tiles then most people would choose the former. There is a reason why there are certain advantages that are present over conventional removing:

  • Concrete cutting allows for precise dimensional accuracy in the openings while in conventional removal there is a rough final opening.
  • There is no patch that is required with concrete cutting; however, there is an extensive patching that is required in conventional removal.
  • Concrete cutting is dust free.
  • If you were to demo saw hire then, it would create no amount of vibration at all since it is relatively quiet. During conventional removal however, the aftermath would include a lot of debris due to the process.
  • In concrete cutting, there is the advantage of cutting each piece to specific size and weight requirement.
  • Demo saw hire consists of easy disposal and transportation of the materials however in conventional removal it requires a large work zone.
  • Concrete cutting easily allows for the removal of large pieces that do not disrupt its surroundings. It also does not provide any sort of structural damage to the adjacent structures. However, if you were to avail to a traditional method then it would create a lot of ruckus in the surrounding area.
  • It is very easy to cut metals when you make use of the demolition saws. It is fast and efficient and is not labour intensive, unlike any other traditional methods.
  • After the job is done, the cleaning is minimal since there is almost no debris.
  • Since, concrete cutting does not require a lot of manpower; therefore, it saves up a lot of money. If you were to opt for demo saw hire then you would not have to spend any hefty amount of cash, unlike the traditional methods.
  • Since concrete cutting requires very little space, therefore it becomes really easy for this method to be applied in the crevices where drilling or cutting is required of hard objects.

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