Top 10 Movie Slot Games

At times boredom can really hit you.This can be broken by letting involved in your favourite hobby. By getting yourself entertainment from any source of your favourite act. Its more interesting finding yourself playing slots at website or from your favourite movies.

Most of the topping movie slot Games includes:

Rocky Slot

This reminds me of The Rocky’s strength and fighting spirit. He never losses right?In this game when you spell a name from left to right, no matter where you’ll find the letters you’ll earn a 5x bet. If you find boxing gloves on the boxes you’ll have triggered a special knockout ground where war will start with the opponent until you get new free spins.

Apes Slot

The ideal of apes getting against us humans was being so popular especially in movies which got to development of a slot game.This included special features of how their planet rise and dawn.The slot game involves free spins where it activates some bonus won when you find the corresponding symbol on the first reel.

Paranormal Activity Slot.

From the word paranormal, the slot game was developed from horror movies. It involves free spins, demon spins and possessed spins.Once any spin is triggered, it results to instant wins,which make you feel scared due to the scary origin of the movie itself.

Jurassic World Slot

This is the most beautiful slot game.It has many pay-liner,tasty free spins, multiplier trail and every time you trigger a spin and land on a win,the multiplier offers everything else you like.The game involves special features like Raptor Den,Creator Lab.

Terminator 2 Slot

This is a real Hollywood movie which has been so popular hence could not be left without a slot game. When playing this game you’ll get to find legendary footages just like the Terminator. The Terminator himself is the game’s special symbol.

The Phantom of the Opera Slot

This involves beautiful musical turned into a slot game. Everyone who gets and likes playing this game will become a real Angel of music. It contains collection of tasty options including multipliers,free spins and music if the night which gives you a high level of bonus.

Psycho Slot

This slot game was developed from a horror movie which you’ll definitely like its products.All you need to play the game is renting a room at the virtual Bates Motel and you’ll get to be offered majestic graphic, free spins and psycho wilds.

Bridesmaid Slots

Not many slot games are produced from comedy movies. This is a great prove that comedies can develop really amazing slot games. The slot keeps its ironic atmosphere just like from the popular female comedy in 2011 which makes the game entertaining and fun.

Justice League Slot

If you like anything doing with winning, superheroes, this is your game.This game is filled with features such as superhero Re-spin.You can get to start this feature in any spin you want.The game offers free mini-games of other superheroes each of them adding something unique.

Basic Instinct Slot

IsoftBet company created the slot from the famous movie with Sharon Stone.The game’s symbol as always are the main characters of the movie. The movie is so inspired by the seductive lady.It contains free spins wild,Drop wild and bonus wild.Its a real jackpot.

It remains your decision to get to your favourite movie slot games and entertain yourself. You have all the options. Nothin interests movie lovers like finding a slot game of their old favourite movies.

Sean Sparks is author of this article and passionate gaming enthusiast. He lives in Buharest, Romania, but travel a lot to promote his personal gaming project.

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