What Happens When You Get A DUI Arrest

A DUI arrest is no pleasant thing to have on your record. If you are a drinker, you should avoid driving when drinking. The best advice on this is to have a designated driver. If drinking at home, make sure it is after everything is in place for the day so there is no need to go out in a vehicle. At the same time, many people still drive under the influence and get caught.

What Happens When You Get A DUI Arrest

What Penalties Will I Face?

The most common penalty for driving under the influence is arrest and jail time. Each state has its own laws concerning jail time for DUI. In some states it is mandatory while in others, one may be able to skirt this with excellent legal representation by a lawyer specializing in these cases.

Whether or not you are looking at jail time, understand that many first offenders can get off without doing the time. You will face other penalties such as high fines, DUI classes, potential alcohol addiction treatment, and probation. A device may also be installed on your vehicle that prohibits ignition in the event you blow a certain alcohol level.

How Can I Reduce Penalties?

Some of the standard penalties for a DUI cannot be avoided, as they are mandatory in certain states. A lawyer still may be able to get charges dropped. You can find out by going to the legal professionals for a free consultation. This will give you a clearer idea of where you stand in the situation.

If you use a public defender or defend the case yourself, it is more likely that you will be facing heavier charges. You have to weigh out the pros and cons, but it is clear that the proper attorney representation will help reduce penalties overall. Using a public defender is not a good idea.

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