What Skills you need to learn?

For every age, for every era, there is different requirement, because at every age, the world needs something different. It was a time when the world needed workers, who could work 10 hours long in a factory or industries, but now the very same world needs workers who can focus all the time, the very same world needs problem solvers who would have number of ways to solve problems or who can solve them fast, and most importantly, today the very same world needs thinkers who could lead the world and keep it running at pace so that it could enter in an era of communication from era of technology.
Therefore, today we need to learn some different skills, in order to cope up and compete in this competitive world. And, such skills can be learnt by ourselves too, as they are either easy or their courses are available on internet, due to being in digital age.
The skills we all need to learn are:

  • Programming Languages:
    No doubt, today we are living in digital age, and also there is no doubt that our lives are around phones and gadgets today. Therefore, many of the office work is now done on computers. That’s why it is now important to have knowledge of programming languages that makes the computer easy to use, so that it would become easy to compete in this world.
    Having knowledge of programming languages help us to make our work creative by ourselves. And moreover, it stimulates creative thinking and problem solving skills. According to Seymour Papert’s research learning programming plays role in cognitive development.
    Khan Academy is the best website to learn basic programming languages. And to learn current languages, it would be good to go at Coursera or EDx.
  • Entrepreneurship:
    As the population is increasing, demands are increasing; therefore, there is need of different companies and stores that could fulfills the desires and needs of all human beings. And, that’s why the need to have entrepreneurs is increasing, but it is true that it is not easy to be an entrepreneur, that’s why there are different courses on entrepreneurship available in universities and on internet, so that students can become successful entrepreneurs and helpers in their future.
    There are courses of entrepreneurship of different universities available on various websites like coursera, edx, udemy, mit open ware house and many others.
    So, if you want to be a great helper then go and learn to take risks and be entrepreneur.
  • Communication Skills:
    It is not good, if a person needs thesis writing services, because it shows that a person is not a convincing or engaging communicator who is unable to convey his or her message well. Therefore, today there is a great need to learn to talk because now we have everything from fans to machines to make our work easy. Only we just need is to handle them or handle people who are connected to them and for this we need to communicate.
    Learning to talk and convey your message is not that difficult. There are many courses which turn the individuals into an engaging communicator. So go and avail those opportunities.

The world is changing and so our needs. Therefore we need to be flexible and adapt ourselves in this changing world.

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