What Steady Sushi Diet Can Do For You!

Have you eaten sushi before? If no, then you need to ponder on the benefits of this raw fish diet. If yes, then you must know that regular consumption has offered you some health benefits. Here are five benefits of a steady sushi diet:

1. Prevention of Weight Gain

It is easier to maintain a healthy body with regular exercise and consumption of a low-calorie diet. Sushi contains little amounts of calories that ensure you keep your body weight in check. There is a wide variety of sushi, and most of them have very low fats and below 300 calories. According to research, low-calorie foods cause the activation of the appetite inhibiting hormone in the body. This hormone is found in low levels in overweight people, which impacts diet and hunger. Hence, if you want to lose fat healthily, sushi’s low fat and low calories will be essential.

2. Prevention of Hypothyroidism by Iodine

Iodine is a necessary nutrient in the production of thyroid hormone. Insufficient iodine levels in the body will result in extreme thyroid conditions like hypothyroidism. Other related conditions are hormonal imbalance, pregnancy-related issues, and goitre. This is due to the iodine’s role in the development and stimulation of thyroid hormone. This hormone controls a majority of the metabolic process in your body. Abnormal levels of thyroid hormone can lead to autoimmune diseases, blood pressure issues, and weight gain.

According to research, iodine supplementation was related to maternal thyroid function. Pregnant women who consume low iodine levels have a high likelihood of facing thyroid dysfunction. Those consuming high iodine levels reveal low thyroid stimulating hormones and restricted thyroid dysfunction.

3. Prevention of Diseases by Antioxidants

Wasabi sushi rolls are critical in the prevention of inflammatory-induced infections. According to research, wasabi consists of robust allylisothiocyanate, a compound that inhibits oxidant effects for food poisoning and infections. Wasabi also helps to prohibit oxidant and superoxide compounds in your body to reduce oxidative stress and excessive inflammation. Another research revealed that foods with a lot of antioxidants assist in reducing the risk of development of cancer, heart infections, and other conditions that are pro-inflammatory. The omega-3 fatty acids found in sushi are essential in reducing inflammatory markers in your body like high blood pressure. This helps in the treatment of heart diseases.

4. Prevention of Lupus by Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune infection that features damaged organ cells, joints, and skin. Genetic or environmental factors can lead to the production of immune cells that are unhealthy in the body. Consequently, the body is unable to differentiate between bad and good cells. This results in the production of autoantibodies, which attack and destroy healthy cells. Research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids assist in the prevention of autoimmune diseases like lupus. The fatty acids are considered as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that plays a role in inhibiting production of lupus. DHA prevents the production of quartz, which is a toxic material essential in lupus development. Omega-3 fatty acids are, therefore, necessary to the construction of healthy immune cells and promotion of fight against autoantibodies.

5. Treatment of Depression

Numerous people suffer from depression around the globe. According to research, regular consumption of sushi will offer omega-3 fatty acids which are significant in preventing depression. The fatty acids assist in ensuring that the central nervous system functions properly. It reduces impacts of phospholipids in the brain, which inhibits the development of major depression. People who consume low levels of omega-3 fatty acids suffer from mild depression as compared to those who consume omega-3 fatty acids regularly. Research revealed an increase in omega-3’s DHA resulted in a 59% reduction in symptoms of depression. Treatment of depression requires an intake of numerous omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Any nutrient deficiency can result in depression. Sushi also offers vitamins, iron, selenium, and more nutrients that control depression.


Prevention of weight gain, prevention of hypothyroidism by iodine, prevention of diseases by antioxidants, prevention of lupus by omega-3 fatty acids, and treatment of depression are some of the benefits of a regular sushi diet. Consume sushi regularly and enjoy these benefits in the long run.

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