Where to find the best screen printing emulsion online? Read on to know the answer

What is screen printing emulsion?

This is where a fine mesh screen type material is stretched over a wooden or other type frame tightly, then you spread a very thin layer of photosensitive emulsion over the screen material and let dry. Once dry, you take a black image on transparent or translucent surface place it against the screen and then expose it to direct light. This is referred to as photo-emulsion screen printing. There are many types of emulsions used for many types of screen printing but this gives an example of this type of screen printing.

Where is the Best Place to Find Printing Emulsion Supplies?

For printing emulsion and other high quality supplies Dalesway.co.uk has top dollar supplies at reasonable prices. They have all the top names available for purchase and they offer training in their use as well. There are many different companies that offer supplies for screen printing emulsion however, not all of them offer excellent customer support, training and the equipment to handle any printing job that the customer may desire or in need of at a reasonable cost.

Why Dalesway for Your Printing & Equipment Supplies?

Dalesway offers training for all their equipment and supplies, they are people friendly and care about their customers. They train as to proper use and disposal of the chemicals, on use of their equipment and how to handle any issue that may arise out of their use. All of the staff are knowledgeable and friendly and know the meaning of service after the sale.

Screen Printing Emulsion One Stop Shop

They have several different emulsions that range from good quality to highest quality emulsions. What this means is one is bare bones which produces good quality images at a good price, others produce even better images just depends on your budget and what the project is needing or calling for. They even have dual cure in different versions. All their equipment and supplies are of the highest quality so you are assured of getting your money’s worth.

When shopping around Dalesway is one of the finest shops that the customer comes first and they provide awesome training, service after the sale, friendly staff that are knowledgeable and caring, they truly help the customer shine with their backing of support on their equipment and supplies for all printing needs especially screen printing. They leave nothing to chance. Their emulsion products are second to none and warrants serious consideration and comparison when looking for supplies. They are always available on the phone, web or in person to answer all questions, give advice and help any way they can to help their customers have the best product in printing that they can possibly have, which saves money in the long run.

Dalesway.co.uk is very helpful in explaining how each of their products, equipment and chemical supplies work and the use of it all. They leave no stone unturned when providing the best product or equipment possible to the printing customer.

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