Which would be the Best Encryption to secure my WiFi: WPA2 or WEP?

In today’s modern era, wireless home network has become an important part that plays an extraordinary role of essential utility in our life. But we would like to ask you something that if you are expecting too much, then what are you giving in return to your device? You might have placed your router in a nasty, dark and dirty place full of dust, just because your device is not so good looking as expected. Netgear Router Setup needs an open and cool place to configure with other devices and to spread its range all over the house.

In anger and frustration, you don’t give time to the device to set it up and keep on messing with it. You overheat and overload with large files and during the steps of configuration. You keep on proceeding further without bothering about the blinking lights. We also hope that you have enabled wireless encryption on your device and network as well to protect them all with unauthorized and unofficial use.

Ok, now let us discuss with you the right encryption method to protect your data and also help you out to choose the best encryption for you and also when and how to use it.

  • WEP (avoid it)

There are some good and best chances that you set up your wireless router to avoid disasters of low connectivity and threat of hacking. We would recommend you all that update your device timely and be aware of the securities that are specially designed for your device. Your old device might be using a structure of wireless security called Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) that is used as the principles and values of wireless security.

This security has broken a couple of years ago. We don’t say that it is not applicable; WEP do exists on the old networks and version of routers. It has still not been updated because the new and latest version of security standards has come in motion i.e. WPA and WPA2. If you still wish to use WEP than you are easily getting into the trap by hackers.

Now, log in to wireless administration page and look for the wireless security section and check if they are any encryption available for you alternative to WEP. Here, you need a web browser to type in the Netgear Router Default IP into the field of address bar and see whether there is any latest version of firmware waiting to avail WPA2 security or not.

Even if proceeding towards Netgear Router Login page you didn’t see any security updates available for your device, don’t worry and switch to a new device with the latest version that does not cost you much but definitely give you the priceless security along with safe, secure and high range of Internet services spread all over the house.

WiFi Protected Access (WPA)

After the failure of WEP, WPA security has become the new values for providing the latest version of wireless security to your network. The WiFi Protected Access was more healthy and vigorous than WEP, on the other hand, it also suffered a blemish that would make the security exposed to attack and created the need for other wireless security standards in order to trade it.

The current standard for WiFi Security (WPA2)

The WPA security was replaced by WPA2 and this is now the modern and existing WiFi security ever met. For extra strong security and the latest current standards, set WPA2 as your default wireless encryption method for your network.

Other factors that affect your wireless Security

When it comes to secure your network, the first thing that will come to your mind is choosing the right encryption standard for your network. It is actually confusing like solving a puzzle. But we would like to share a couple of key factors just to help and ensure you that your network is definitely going to safe.

  • Choose a strong password

Even though you are using the latest version of security that does not mean your network is safe and secure. Your Pre-shared key under WPA2 is just the beginning to have a strong encryption for your network. Intruders can easily attack your network with the help of hacking tools and crack the entire security you have applied to your network. Remember, as easy you build your password, it will be more easy for hijackers to have full access to your account. Create a password for about 15-16 words, full of alphabets and lack of dictionary words.

  • Stretch your Wireless Network Name

Maybe you take such things lightly, it might be not important to you but your wireless network name can be the big issue related to your network issue. So we would like to suggest, built a unique and long network to secure your network.

  • Router Firmware

Last but not the least; be sure that you are using the latest firmware of router that is loaded with secure facilities and bug fixes. By doing this, you are providing a high-class security to your device and kicking intruders out of your home network.

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