Why You Need To Call Business Litigation Lawyer

Copycats, And The Law!

Whether you are going into business, or already are, you need to know the laws of “copycats”. Being a copycat or infringing on ones copyright, is sometimes unintentional, or often times it is intentional. Everyone remembers “Toys R Us”, and their ferocious protection of the backwards “R”. Sometimes little stores, or even day cares, which had nothing to do with selling toys, or baby clothes, would be caught up in a huge lawsuit, just for that little backward R” in their title name. It is understandable that they wanted to protect their trademark, no matter how trivial. Although in their case, not so trivial. Everyone associated that “R” with their name. So, if a place used it, and were less than scruple, it somehow could have affected the Toys R Us brand name.

This is where you get into litigation, and the needs, or non needs of a business litigation lawyer. You should use their services before starting an endeavor, to make sure, you are not infringing on others services, or names, before you start. This is also important to seek an attorney when you want to patent your store name, or product. It is always a good idea to prevent litigation, before you get started in anything. Nothing like getting off to a roaring start, then finding out that your idea, mocks another, creating a huge problem and possible lawsuit.

If you live in Florida, a place of many extremely successful businesses, you should seek out a business litigation lawyer, such as the Allen, Dyer, Doppelt, Gilchrist, Intellectual property law group, based in Miami, Florida. They cover all areas of intellectual property. This includes patent, trademark, software, copyright, and trade secret matters. They also cover technology start up services, domain name/websites, entertainment law, litigation enforcement, local counsel representation, and the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. So, as you can see, they are well rounded, and equipped to cover your needs.

If you are someone new to this, and think you have a great invention, product, or idea, don’t go it alone. Let the professionals at ADDG help you on your way to patenting your idea. A little help goes a long way to helping you achieve success. They work with you all the way, until your patent is created, and approved. Afterwards, they help to make sure your patent is not infringed upon, fighting for you, their client. So don’t just look up any attorney, seek out the experts who have been in business for years, and recognized for their successes as well.

Take a look at the ADDG website to see for yourself the services offered. Browse through the many reviews, and success stories from their clients. You can read about their services, and the many options and packages to choose from according to the size of your business. They are more than willing to handle any client of any size. On the website is a whole page, devoted to explaining patenting, and the many variations of them. It explains everything about applying for a patent, the different terms, and how long it may take for approval of such patent. It is not a simple process, and having someone by your side is a great way to get things started. Don’t waste any more time. Give them a call today!

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