Womens’s Antiquity Reflects Through The Way She Dress Up

Hijab is a head scarf worn any muslim women around the world. Purpose of wearing can be traced back to first reference made in an assyrian legal till in 13th century BC. The hijab is also known as veil, which is a symbol of prestige and status for muslim women and gives them a different identity in public. It is an arabic word which means covered. So refer to any women‘s clothing that meets the requirement of sharia as in western societies. Hijabs are most preferred clothing in Islamic religion as it protects dignity of a women around the world.

According to the historical literature, the hijab was part of the clothing of women in ancient rome and ancient greece, and was considered a peculiar subject of jewelry for women. India also, as in, ancient Iran the hijab is fully respected since that period. Before the Renaissance period, most women in europe used to wear the hijab, but with the beginning of the industrial revolution and after the second world war , this was period of women emancipation and other feminist organisations. This period rejected the hijab, and putting forward the idea of equality between men and women. According to historical revelation, the holy quran which gave hijab compulsory and women were required to cover head and body with handkerchief, and general clothing in her veil , muslim women have begun to commonly with this worthy tradition.

The type of hijabs used across the world depends on the cultural traditions. Various types of Hijabs are Abaya, Khimar, Chador, Niqab and further their variations . The clothes for hijab depends upon the use of hijab whether it is used for household purposes or other activties like sports etc. The recently released hijab by major brands like nike have transformed according to the uses, thus, making women comfortable . in some areas of the world , long hijabs like naqaabs are used. In tropical countries , to protect women from sand , dust different type of cotton hijabs are present . Burkina – a bathing suit that meets the requirements of shariah.

Overriding principle is to be concluded in this dress- it is shutting down vulgarness in dressing. Hijab is mandatory in afghanistan and saudi arabia. So to make women comfortable in that hijab for sale online on various worldwide famous websites. The basic colour famous is black but now a days the are available across the globe in different colours and patterns. Various fabrics have been used to suit the dress of the women for example in jerseys, chiffon, silk, ombrey, tunics and many more options like that. Retail stores both online and offline sell cultural items along with numerous purchasing choices. It is more of a garment which is appealing and to look at and comfortable to wear. One should always be careful while choosing hijab, one which is convenient and comfortable to wear plus it suits the latest trend.

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