Are you a Small Business? Here’s why you should go for an IT Solutions service provider like Preemo.

Many small business owners are strapped for cash and are constantly searching for ways to cut corners. If you are thinking of doing it yourself for Internet Technology Services here are 3 reasons to think again:

Safe guarding employee records.

Today, almost all employee hours are collected on computers. Many companies use computers as virtual time clocks. Those computers generate and store employee hours, sick days, vacation accruals, insurance deductions not to mention those all-important IRS deductions. One wrong click from a curious employee can render your employee data file useless. Using a small business IT Solutions company like Preemo can ensure that all of your sensitive employee data is secure and recoverable when seemingly innocent mistakes cause major headaches. Having to re-enter all your employee records can take days if it’s even possible since many companies have eliminated simple time card systems.

Safeguard crucial and sensitive customer files.

What files do you consider sensitive or crucial to your success in satisfying customer needs? As a former sign company owner, our company stored records for every job we completed for customers. Those files included critical color profiles to ensure every printed piece matched the company logo and color requirements exactly. Losing those files to a failed database or hardware crash would have incapacitated our business. While we could contact the customer for starting information, lost would be all the corrections made to files to ensure the customers color requirements matched the colors our printers produced. Using an IT Solutions company could ensure all our sensitive customer data was backed up and archived properly.

Set up and Integrate new equipment with your existing Local Area Network.

Many companies upgrading new equipment fail to verify that this newer and faster machine will work with your current company network. Moreover connecting the equipment to existing networks usually requires a professional to cipher through the technical requirements. Using Preemo for small business IT solutions can save time, money and headaches. Your provider will know whether or not the new equipment can integrate with the existing machines. You may need more server capacity or an updated hub. Many times the newer faster equipment can slow down work because it may overload your existing network. An upgraded network may make the most of the speed and efficiency of the new equipment. Hiring a professional can resolve all of these issues.

Finally, the nature of many small businesses is to save money by keeping chores in-house and saving money. That idea may work for simple mundane tasks like janitorial services or yard work. But thinking about the value of employee date, sensitive customer files and the cash spent on new equipment, using a professional IT Service provider can be the one expense you can’t afford to cut.

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