Flower girl: Who are Flower Girls, what do they do?

Flower girls serve an important purpose in a wedding. They are not simply cute girls attending a wedding. They sprinkle flower petals in the aisle and lead the way for the bride. They symbolize the bride’s innocence being lost after the wedding as the bride takes up the roles of a wife and a future mother. They are highly capable of stealing the bride’s thunder by their cuteness.

Flower girls are like a mini version of the bride herself. The bridal party watches their bride’s childhood equivalent walking down the aisle. It is an emotional moment when the bride follows and her father gives her and to the groom.

Even if the flower girl plays a small part in the wedding, it is an important one. Hence, flower girls deserve equal attention as that of the bride. Flower girl dresses are often similar to the bride’s dress. As the role of a flower girl is important, follow a process to find a perfect flower girl and her dress.

Choose your flower girl

Traditionally a flower girl is aged between 3 to 8 years. Trends have changed in the recent past. In some weddings, the bride chooses her mother or grandmother to play the role of a flower girl.

However, little girls wearing adorable flower girl dresses ensure a cute wedding procession. Your cousin or niece is the perfect bet. A friend’s kid can also play this role. A little girl you have an existing bond is the best choice for your flower girl.

Buy the flower girl dress

It is not mandatory that you should buy the dress. The parents of a flower girl could buy the dress but you can have your say in it. Choose the style, embellishment, and color that suits the theme of the wedding and your dress. Flower girl dresses should be glamorous yet classy. A flower girl is representing your childhood, dress her as you would dress.

There are affordable flower girl dresses available online. Take help of the parents’ while selecting the dress. The best flower girl dresses are simple frocks with ruffles, sequins, and embroidery. It is not necessary that the flower girl dress is of the same color as yours. But, buy a dress in pastels, pinks or blues.

Accessorize your flower girl

As mentioned already, your flower girl is symbolizing your childhood and innocence. Your wedding procession’s cuteness depends on how well you dress your flower girl. Once you buy a dress for her, make sure you know what accessories she is going to wear.

Do not overdo with the accessories. Flower girl dresses and accessories should be classy and sophisticated. A simple tiara or beaded hair clip set that match the dress goes well. Ask the parents to put on shoes that are comfortable. The little girl should wear a corsage; flowers will make her look cuter.

Buy her a gift 

If you are not buying your flower girl’s dress, buy her a gift. She plays an important role in your wedding. You must acknowledge her part and buy her something to remember you by.

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