4 Best Animation Films Of 2015

Ever since the computer generated images are becoming popular there are a lot of CGI based films come to the box office which entertained both adults and children’s. These movies will simple plain script, but adding creative and eye feasting CGI work to the films will make them a block buster entertaining ones. Now, it’s become quite common every month a CGI based films released into the audience, but a few of them are going to become popular and gains the marks from the critics. Mostly children’s, girls will like these movies, but adding bit fun and humor to the script will bring the adults to the theatre. In this 2015 there are a few films coming from this category, let us see a few of them.


This movie is a sequel for the minions, coming from the Universal Pictures and illumination entertainments. The plot of the films goes like this, Minions evolve from the single celled yellow organisms. Minions live through different ages, serves different kinds of masters and rulers. Suddenly, they lost their master and left alone with no leader. There is no to serve, so Bob one of the minions has got planned and starts searching for a master along with his two friends.

Hotel Transylvania2

This comedy monsters’ movie comes from the Sony Pictures. It comes as the sequel to Hotel Transylvania, in this part the story begins as everything changing for the good in the hotel. The hotel policies were changed and the doors are open for the guests who are humans. The Dracula rigid master worried about his grandson who is half-human, half-vampire.

Inside out

This entertaining comedy picture coming from the Disney Pixar based on the original “inside out” inside the mind to find out. The story is less typical, the headquarters in Riley’s mind who is 11yr old. It can have five emotions at hard, which is led by the JOY whose mission was to make Riley happy always. While they move to a new city the emotions are on the job, eager to help guide in difficult situations.

Alvin and The chipmunks

The road trip is the next sequel to the previous movie. In this movie, in the beginning due some series of misunderstandings chips comes to believe that Simon going to propose a new girl, who is from the New York area, they feel that Simon is going to dump because of her. They have just left with 3days of time.

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