5 Dangerous Internet Viruses

Ever since the internet came into existence to the common people, it becomes money earning and stealing place for the hackers, cyber crime doers. The internet contains unlimited data files, archives, images, audio’s, videos and application programs and many more. The internet security providers trying desperately to provide strong security against the internet vulnerabilities, but the attackers use more advanced approaches and algorithms to break into the systems. Mostly, they use virus programs to corrupt the system files and steal the sensitive data files. Till today there numerous number viruses have been found on the internet and still counting. These virus files are various types and can affect the system in different ways, now let us see five most effective dangerous viruses comes from the internet.


5 Dangerous Internet Viruses

One of the most dangerous effect of the software effect is can cause damage at national level security. The purpose of the this virus design was to attack on the Iran, Stuxnet was intended for the sole motivation behind cutting down Iran’s progressing atomic plant framework. Known not delivering atomic weapons in some structure, Stuxnet tainted their inward control framework with the aim of decimating the physical parts of the plant. Stuxnet created some of the axes in Iran’s uranium improvement office to step by step pulverize themselves, costing Iran both significant time and cash.

My Doom

5 Dangerous Internet Viruses1

This virus creator chosen a easiest way to spread the virus, the email method. It most hackers favorite methods to use to attack, the basic intention of the infection was containing with a harmless looking message. Named as “Mail Transaction Failed”, all it took to spread My Doom was the client to tap on the email. From that point, the noxious code downloaded it and passed the message on to all the casualty’s viewpoint location book. My Doom took only two hours to taint two million frameworks, setting off a tremendous Dos assault on any semblance of Microsoft and Google


5 Dangerous Internet Viruses2

This one virus can give an example how dangerous this small bit of code lines. Conflicker, single virus infected over millions of computers. The main reason of huge spreading of the virus is lack of latest anti-virus on the windows OS. Conficker advanced onto Window’s frameworks that did not have the most recent antivirus to detect infection programming, or a progression of agreeable passwords. Hard to pinpoint once a framework was attacked, Conficker was so complex it could piece endeavors to redesign against infection programming and even duplicate itself onto USB drives. Spreading through various platforms, for example, email and even cell phones, once contaminated by Conficker, the framework is snared to a system of different platforms Controlled by the inventor.

Code Red

5 Dangerous Internet Viruses3

Code Red is another most dangerous virus of computer history. The main aim this virus is to exploit the Microsoft IIS servers, this virus can infect PC which is merely connected to the internet. This virus was detected by two eEye digital security employees. This virus spread to others easily by getting 100 IP address at a time and especially scanning of the Microsoft server software and infect the application installed system. It will display a message when you open a web page saying that “hacked by Chinese!”


5 Dangerous Internet Viruses4

This virus was created by David L. Smith, it simply spreads through the emails. It looks like harmless mail sent from a friend. It contains a message “here is the document you asked for….. don’t show anyone else. ; -)”, the people who undoubtedly click that message just making the PC infected with the Melissa virus. This bug contained within the document was aimed to spread to top 50 contact lists of the email ID.

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