5 Frugal Living Ideas You’d Never Think Of

Dictionary defines frugality as ‘temperance, frugality in food and drink’, but the truth is that the concept has passed the field of nutrition to be widespread in the economic lexicon and refer to a way of life that takes a measured consumption of goods and services to achieve different objectives, from enjoying the simple things in life to having a better financial situation.

Share and Shop with your Friends

5 Frugal Living Ideas You'd Never Think Of

We all have moments of impulse buying, when we take something that we later do not like or do not want to wear. If the situation is the same with you and your friends, make a get-together to exchange clothes. With good music, you can make a fashion show, and then decide what will each of you take home.

Moreover, if you and your friends or relatives have similar taste in clothing and wear the same size, try the group shopping. In this way, you can buy that one purse that you have been checking out, but it was too expensive for your wallet. Also, we all know how expensive children clothing is at the stores, so try out some online shopping in stores such as swap.com and similar, and find everything you need for your kid.

Rediscover your Piggy Bank

Even if you do not have too much money, but some dark days are ahead, save! Set aside some money in your piggy bank from each paycheck or shopping trip. Just remember the children’s happiness when you shattered the piggy bank and saw the real little treasure. You will not feel the pressure of saving, but you will succeed in saving a nice little fund for emergencies or treats.

Watch Your Stuff

5 Frugal Living Ideas You'd Never Think Of

If you are not careful with the things you have, the greater the chance that you will need to replace them quickly. Therefore, little attention do wonders – follow the instructions on how to wash clothes, stack the bags on the shelf, clean your shoes regularly, etc. The same goes for all the appliances in your home. Clean them and turn them off regularly. Take care of your beauty products as well. It may take some time, but eventually it pays off.

Mind Your Shopping

In the longer term it is more profitable to go once a week in a large supermarket with a list and get everything you need. With weekend promotions and discounts, the savings can be really great. So seize the sales! This can come especially handy when buying clothes. With a good combination, things do not last just one season, but more, and therefore provide a saving. Let your imagination run wild and design your own style.

Save while getting fit

Doing some exercises is necessary for our health, but going to the gym can really be hard on our wallet. The truth is that you do not need to pay a lot of money to get fit. There are many exercises such as walking and jogging that are completely free. You do not even have to get out of the house to stay in shape. Simply look up the training courses online, and find one that suits you the best.

Frugality has more to do with the habits and ways of thinking. People who do not waste time, food, resources, energy and affection know how to be frugal. The first step is the hardest but once you start, frugality can easily become part of your mindset. The first extra money at the end of the month will definitely serve as a great motivator to continue your money-saving lifestyle.

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