5 Tips To Increase Flowers Purchases

Competitions! Competitions! Competitions! We are surrounded by competitions – now day by day it is getting hard to attract customers and see a huge increase in sales number. Same is the story with every florist. Every florist is fighting day and night to develop their growth. With this article you can easily turn a visitor into customer. Wondering how?

Young woman buying flowers

Young woman buying flowers

Follow these few tips given by a known London Florist to enhance flowers purchases:

  • Display Your Products With Help Of A Theme : Displaying unique products along with a theme will surely attract customers. You can start with ‘GO Green’ theme as now being green is more considered than the showy floral arrangements. You can highlight many movements like “Earth Day” and “Save the Planet”. You can highlight importance of that theme like “Green plants generates oxygen and tie with that theme. Setting up some type of ecology counter that admires the advantage of plants could be powerful in attracting people to buy more plants.

  • Stock Undecorated And Fresh Flowers: If all the products are prepared for gift, chances are people may find it reluctant to purchase for themselves or may use it for home. Giving them the option of purchasing something less decorated can inspire people who normally don’t buy flowers for themselves.

    Such fresh and undecorated plants are known with people who love to produce their own designs or one who prefer to use a favorite vase from home. Displaying such flowers with other designed flowers can give the customer an idea of what customization can be done. Keeping a different variety of picks and ribbons along with flowers on hand creates further inspiration for sales as consumers return for supplies and ideas. This thing even displays the importance of decorated flowers.

  • Displays That Highlight Special Products : Brides may not think about floral arrangements for their one special day but when they move to the market, a bridal floral arrangement can completely change their mood. Mannequins dressed in bridal dress are quite successful in luring brides who haven’t thought of flower arrangement in their wedding.

    Mannequins can be positioned at the end of an aisle with arches and wedding bells above it, along with white linen and inspiring odor sprays behind it. You can even use Champagne and wedding cakes in display to promote your wedding floral services.

  • Change Display Products & Themes Each Week: New and creative things always attract people. So, creating a beautiful floral arrangement that looks unique and different to visitors is quite important to capture the desired buy, especially at the time when most of the stock remains same from one week to following week.

    You can start by repositioning tables on the floor and arrange spot lights according to the arrangement. Different and fresh look of products variety should be arranged in appropriate way. If the customer buys sunflowers this week, they don’t want to see the same creation for six months. One best way to enhance the variety in the field is purchasing in bulks and selling it at low cost. The bulk price balances the margin cut and minimizes the loss if the product doesn’t sell well as expected.

  • Information Provider: Improper knowledge about the steps to care for a plant or floral arrangement can convince the would-be buyers from purchasing them. When a person is available to offer proper information, customers will engage more and probably they will take it home.

Shoppers need information prior to any purchase. Having an information provider will surely lead to a purchase. That person can promote other products and service too.

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