A “How-To” Guide On Creating Your Own English Manga Comic Series

Manga generally refers to the Japanese cartoon films as well as comic books that are involved with a lot of fantasies as well as science fiction themes. This literally creates great interest within the people who have an interest in these kinds of themes. Even with a decent storyline, one could expect a great story by using different Manga characters. As a result, if you are also a great fan of Manga comics, you may create your own Manga series too.

A “How-To” Guide On Creating Your Own English Manga Comic Series
With the help of each Manga online characters, you can frame your own story. But the main question is how to frame it into one picture using the whole storyline concept? So to help you out below is presented a “how-to” guide on creating your own Manga comic series. Get ready to have a glance over some steps that helps to create the whole Manga series:

Step #1: Creating a Story Synopsis

As a writer, first you need to find where the story has to go or else you will not be able to create your story. This means you need to first find out the objective of the story and then proceed further. You can write down one paragraph synopsis of the entire story while leaving other necessary details as well as character specifics. Further, you can compress the whole paragraph into just one or two lines and move further to the next synopsis.

Step #2: Creating Character Identities and Profiles

For creating your story, you have to first know what characters you are going to choose for your story. Also, you have to decide what is the origin of the character, from where they come from, what is their love interest, do they have morals and values or nothing at all, whether it is a positive or negative character as well as other important things that are necessary for describing their overall identity and profile. Also, you have to determine their strengths and weaknesses too that is the important consideration of their profiles.

Step #3: Writing Down the Story

The next thing is to write down the story that would include each and every scenario. This may be the incidents taking place in the story, leaving or staying in the story, what are the powers of the characters and when will they stay or die in the story or even return back to the characters. Also, think about a particular scenario or situation that would include some background with something bigger in mind.

Step #4: Creating the Layout of the Storyboard

The “Storyboard” is a phrase that usually refers to the layout of the Manga or comics. Each of the panels considers your artwork and conveys a certain amount of information by just focusing on the text of who says what to whom. It also depicts the action scenes that one would include along with the information they provide. Just breaking down the stories into several parts and section into different individual panels.

Step #5: Combine it All Together

The final step is to combine all these things together along with the artwork. You could either take help of a good anime artist that can offer you great perfection with the character drawings. Another best option you could look for is trying your hands at drawing the characters on your own if you are having excellent drawing skills. You can even refer a number of books available in the market that can teach you the drawing or even you can look towards quality online resources.

As a result, by following the above-mentioned steps, you can make your own Manga comic series. This will also develop your skills by bringing each character to life with different facial expressions as well as the dialogues that are created in the storyboard. Thus, you can enjoy your Manga series by publishing it online and making it reachable to a wide range of Manga lovers spread out there.

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