Common Misconceptions in SEO

It is commonly believed that first rank matter and this isn’t always true. In reality, many businesses are successful although they don’t reach top positions in search engine. However, studies have shown that people also look at lower ranks quite intently. It is actually possible that the first rank isn’t relevant to their requirements and they choose the second or third position instead. It isn’t necessary to stay too focused on being able to reach the first rank.

Another misconception is that we are able to do SEO tasks successfully without outside help. In reality, SEO campaign is a complex task and it requires the cooperation of many professionals. We should learn specific techniques and if we are website owners, it is important for us to know specific SEO strategies. SEO touches diverse areas, such as PR, coding, online marketing and others. In fact, many business owners don’t have the proper SEO skills to achieve tasks satisfactorily. If we want a really good result, doing everything on our own is simply not enough.


We also often think that meta tags are very essential. In reality, meta tags are only used to confirm what our website is all about. There are many webpages with limited tags that ranks quite well, because they have many relevant keywords. We should know what the website is all about. Today, Bing and Google already stop care about using meta tags to properly index their websites. They are obviously not useless, but they don’t have significant role in ensuring top position in search engine results.

Many people believe that keyword rich domain names will allow them to rank higher. Obviously, keyword-rich URL is important back in early dotcom days. However, search engines are prioritizing on relevant webpages. In many cases, we could see websites with specific domain names that rank high for different keywords. Name is obviously still important, but without relevant webpages, our website won’t rank higher.

It is often believed that we need to submit our website to major search engines. Many search engines have submission forms, but it is no longer an essential step. Eventually, search engine bots will find our website if we have published interesting content. It may take up to a week before some our webpages start to appear on Google search results and more will be placed if we are able to deliver more interesting information.

Old SEO techniques prioritized on sitemap submissions to boost rankings. Google’s webmaster interface allows us to submit sitemap in XML format and it contains all links of our website. It is often recommended that we need to submit the sitemap regularly, especially if we have added new pages. It is acceptable to submit our sitemap every two months, especially after we have launched our website, but it isn’t always necessary. Search engine bots will navigate our website regularly and if it finds that we are able to deliver proper content, new pages will be indexed properly.

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