How Emotions Could Affect Our Body?

Doctors treat and our body heals. But our physical body could be significantly influenced by our mind. In many cases, doctors simply assist the body to heal itself and make sure that the process could be successful and proceed faster. As an example, putting a broken leg into a splint could allow our body to perform healing process properly and more efficiently. However, one of the biggest questions is whether we can heal with our own mind. Many people say that it’s possible. Although we do need physical assistance to bring parts of broken bone, our mind could achieve speed up the process. We should know how to heal with our mind and it is important to know that emotions could have big effects upon our body. Many people, even some doctors, believe that emotional aspects are considered negligible and physical treatments or medications could ensure healing. However, no one can deny that our thought will leave a mark in our physical body. Our body will react to good or bad emotions.

How Emotions Could Affect Our Body

We could say that thought arouses emotions and physical responses. Simple sexual intimacy between couple would certainly cause specific physical responses. It means that other mental states, such as depression and anger will also have both visible and less visible effects on our body. As our bad emotions mount, we could start to experience unpleasant reactions. Generally, our physical response could be considered as automatic. Intensive reactive emotions could just us like a strong fist hitting our solar plexus. We could get emotionless for a few seconds and automatic responses could happen, starting with a short self talk, followed by denial, anger and then sorrow. Eventually sadness could start to occupy our consciousness and the emotionally tragic situation can be recorded in our memory. The situation can be etched strongly in our memory that a picture, song, scene and scent could remind us of it. Emotion has varying level of intensity and it can be quite active within us. We could also tend to repress bad emotions in the past and when we recall them, we may start to get slightly depressed.

Human beings are placed in a spectrum of emotional intensity, from negligible to fatally intense. This could represent different wavelengths that can provide different signals to our body. We have heard about different representations of our body, such as physical, mental and astral body. Whether we believe this or not, we should be aware that intense emotions could wide-ranging effects on our physical body or astral body if it’s exist. Also, people with positive mind are more likely to better treat their body and prevent potentially effects by following healthier lifestyle.

In this case, we should make sure examine our fears, repressed emotions, hang-ups and trauma. There are hidden aspects of mind that we deliberately try to hide. They could reside deep in our mind and if we want to have a healthier life, it is important to make sure that we could stay healthy mentally.

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